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Travel & transport from BBC stories as at 20:55 20 Apr 2021
- Moment Indian rail worker saves child
[8 hours old]: Mayur Shelke sprang into action when a six-year-old boy fell on to the tracks.

. 'I would like Russia to be more free'
[21 hours old]: The BBC's Steve Rosenberg travels 2,000 miles east of Moscow to gauge the mood of ordinary Russians.

- What's the roadmap for lifting lockdown?
[7 hours old]: Pubs and gyms will reopen in Scotland on Monday, as lockdown restrictions ease significantly.

. Which countries are on the red list and what are the quarantine rules?
[28 hours old]: Many travellers are no longer allowed to enter the UK from countries on the "red list".

and in other news ...

* European Super League: Manchester City withdraw and Chelsea prepare to follow
[1 hours old]: Manchester City withdraw from the European Super League (ESL) with Chelsea preparing to do so.

* Downing Street scraps plans for White House-style press briefings
[1 hours old]: A new £2.6m briefing room will be used by Boris Johnson and officials instead.

* Johnny Mercer: Tory MP resigns as defence minister
[0 hours old]: The Tory MP criticises the scope of a law designed to protect veterans from unfounded prosecutions.

* George Floyd: Biden 'praying for right verdict' in Chauvin trial
[1 hours old]: The US president speaks out on the George Floyd case, as jurors consider a verdict for a second day.

* No new smart motorways without additional safety measures
[0 hours old]: Any motorway without a hard shoulder will need to have radar technology to detect stopped vehicles.

- Princess Latifa: UN calls for 'concrete' proof of life from UAE
[4 hours old]: Human rights experts urge the UAE to provide "evidence" the daughter of Dubai's ruler is still alive.

- Covid-19: Taskforce for at-home treatments and Scotland to ease lockdown
[3 hours old]: Five things you need to know about the coronavirus pandemic this Tuesday evening.

- Covid: Plan for pills to treat virus at home by autumn
[1 hours old]: Antiviral medicines could be another tool to fight an anticipated third wave, Boris Johnson says.

- Johnson & Johnson vaccine: EU regulator says blood clot very rare side effect
[4 hours old]: The EU's drugs regulator says the benefits of the Covid-19 vaccine still outweigh the risks.

- Fishmongers' Hall porter 'stabbed Usman Khan with spear'
[4 hours old]: Lukasz Koczocik describes how he went "face to face" with the Fishmongers' Hall knife attacker.

- Woman raped by group of men in park
[10 hours old]: The victim, aged in her 20s, was attacked in a Manchester park shortly after midnight.

- Deer graze on east London housing estate
[6 hours old]: Surprised residents wake up to find a herd of deer grazing on their doorstep.

- 'Legend' Annie Mac is leaving BBC Radio 1 after 17 years
[8 hours old]: Clara Amfo will take the DJ's Future Sounds slot, while Diplo will also leave the radio station.

- 'World's oldest' Humboldt penguin celebrates birthday
[7 hours old]: Rosie, now 31, is described as a "grand old lady" by staff at the Yorkshire zoo where she lives.

- Newspaper headlines: 'Great game robbery' and 'red card from Wills'
[15 hours old]: Opposition and anger towards the European Super League plans dominate Tuesday morning's front pages.

- Scottish election 2021: Can independence supporters force another referendum?
[14 hours old]: In the first of two Scottish election pieces we explore the differences in the pro-independence movement. 

- Green targets: Do governments meet them?
[9 hours old]: As the UK government plans new environmental targets, what about the previous ones?

- NI 100: Only 40% think NI's formation should be celebrated
[2 hours old]: The figure comes from a poll commissioned by the BBC's Spotlight programme.

* Ed Woodward: Manchester United executive vice-chairman to stand down at end of 2021
[0 hours old]: Manchester United executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward will step down from his role at the end of 2021.

- 'It's in my heart, my blood' - Mason named Tottenham boss until end of season
[5 hours old]: Ryan Mason says he feels "immense pride" after being named head coach at Tottenham until the end of the season following Jose Mourinho's sacking.

- European Super League: 'It's not sport if success is guaranteed' says Man City boss Pep Guardiola
[5 hours old]: Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola says "it is not a sport if success is guaranteed or if it doesn't matter when you lose" when asked about proposals for a breakaway European Super League.

- Covid: When can I go on holiday abroad or in the UK?
[4 hours old]: A traffic light system ranking foreign countries by coronavirus risk is to be introduced - the rules on UK holidays are also easing.

- Covid-19 in the UK: How many coronavirus cases are there in your area?
[3 hours old]: Explore the data on coronavirus in the UK and find out how many cases there are in your area.

- Asda takeover 'could lead to higher petrol prices'
[8 hours old]: Prices could rise in some parts of the UK after the supermarket's takeover, the competition watchdog says.

- M&S hits back at Aldi's Cuthbert the Caterpillar cake revival
[5 hours old]: Aldi brings back its controversial cake for charity, but M&S says it should use its own character.

- Super League files injunctions to stop club and player bans
[4 hours old]: European Super League wants to stop Fifa and Uefa banning clubs or players from future competitions.

- Wedding industry 'ramping up expectations' for big day, says Bishop
[4 hours old]: The Bishop of London's call for smaller-scale weddings is criticised as "cruel" by the industry.

- Major property fund to unlock investors' money
[6 hours old]: M&G's £2bn UK commercial property fund will resume in May, having been suspended since December 2019.

- Under-35s bearing brunt of jobs crisis
[11 hours old]: Some 635,000 people under 35 came off company payrolls in the year to March, official figures show.

- Primark shopper numbers 'back to pre-Covid levels'
[12 hours old]: Despite a surge at reopened stores in England and Wales, the chain lost £1.1bn in sales under lockdown.

* Super League: Why are football's biggest clubs starting a new tournament?
[1 hours old]: Europe's biggest teams have suffered during the Covid pandemic and say they want financial stability.

and in other older news ...

. George Floyd death: Three Americans assess Derek Chauvin trial
[22 hours old]: A retired police veteran, a Minnesota resident and a black political hopeful share their thoughts.

. How a bicycle tripled one woman's income
[20 hours old]: "You realise what a bicycle can do. It's a catalyst for unlocking so much potential."

. Are black women getting enough support for mental health?
[21 hours old]: Black women are more likely than white women to experience common mental health problems.

. Redonda: The Caribbean island transformed into an eco haven
[20 hours old]: After invasive rats and goats were removed from Redonda, the island's wildlife has been thriving.

. How Biden's tn idea ranks in US history
[18 hours old]: Where does President Biden's infrastructure plan rank among the largest projects in American history?

. Covid in Uttar Pradesh: Coronavirus overwhelms India's most populous state
[18 hours old]: With a population larger than Brazil, an Indian state struggles to cope as Covid-19 sweeps through it.

. Oscars 2021: 19 geeky facts from Borat to Boseman
[20 hours old]: Everything you need to know ahead of the 93rd Academy Awards on Sunday.

. Could electric tattoos be the next step in body art?
[21 hours old]: Researchers are experimenting with thin, flexible circuits that can be transferred to the skin.

. Online dating: 'In 2021 everyone is a kind-of catfish'
[20 hours old]: The hit US reality show is getting its own UK version - hosted by Julie Adenuga and Oobah Butler.

. The Ugandan mum who was once ashamed of her gay son
[20 hours old]: A support group in Uganda is helping parents come to terms with their children's sexuality.

. George Floyd death: Five key moments from the Derek Chauvin trial
[23 hours old]: As the jury deliberates a verdict, here are the key elements of a trial that has gripped the US.

. The GRU: Blast puts spotlight on shadowy Russian force
[32 hours old]: The role of Russia's GRU agency in a fatal 2014 explosion raises questions about its capabilities.

. What are the Indian, Brazil, South Africa and UK variants?
[29 hours old]: Cases are being found in the UK and the changes the virus is undergoing are concerning.

. When does the stamp duty holiday in England and Northern Ireland end?
[31 hours old]: What is the stamp duty holiday and when will it finish?

. Covid: When will I get the vaccine?
[28 hours old]: People 45 or over in England are being offered a Covid vaccine.

. Coronavirus: What's the risk on transport?
[171 hours old]: As UK coronavirus restrictions continue to be relaxed, public transport could become much busier.

. Covid: When will children return to school and what are the rules?
[100 hours old]: Children are returning to school across the UK, after months of enforced home-schooling.

. Why are so many babies dying of Covid-19 in Brazil?
[140 hours old]: As the pandemic rages in Brazil, hundreds of babies and young children are dying of Covid.

. The disabled doctors not believed by their colleagues
[45 hours old]: People often feel nervous when they visit a doctor, but what if you are a doctor but your colleagues don't believe you're ill?

. The homeless drug addict who became a professor
[2083 hours old]: Jesse Thistle, a high school dropout, overcame addiction and homelessness to pursue an academic career.

. Nil-by-mouth foodie: The chef who will never eat again
[68 hours old]: Loretta Harmes hasn't eaten or tasted food for six years, but she hasn't lost her passion for cooking.

. Prince Philip: A turbulent childhood stalked by exile, mental illness and death
[249 hours old]: In marrying, Philip was able to regain the "simple pleasures" of family life he had lost aged eight.

. Car insurance sees biggest price drop in six years
[18 hours old]: The average cost of car insurance has fallen by £87 in 12 months, according to new data.

. Tesco fined £7.56m for selling out-of-date food in Birmingham
[26 hours old]: Offending items were found at three stores in Birmingham between 2016 and 2017.

. UK government intervenes in Nvidia takeover of chip designer Arm
[29 hours old]: The government is to examine Nvidia's planned purchase of the UK firm on national security grounds.

. London Capital and Finance: Treasury expects £120m compensation bill
[30 hours old]: The government says an estimated 8,800 bondholders of the collapsed scheme will receive a share of the money.

. Bank of England to consider digital money plan
[29 hours old]: The Bank and the Treasury set up a taskforce to examine how a central bank digital currency would work.

. HSBC boss Noel Quinn scraps executive floor at London HQ
[30 hours old]: Bank chief Noel Quinn says the "new reality of life" is people will not be in the office five days a week.

. Mortgage scheme launched for 5% deposits
[32 hours old]: First-time buyers will get cheaper deals if they can stretch to a bigger deposit, analysts say.

. How product placements may soon be added to classic films
[44 hours old]: Getting consumer goods in shot is big business for movies and TV series, and items can now be added digitally.

. The student loan bubble 'is going to burst'
[164 hours old]: Cancelling student debt was once a fringe idea in the US, but it's become increasingly mainstream.

. Amazon: How one cancer patient's story helps explain the Alabama union vote
[69 hours old]: Carla Jonson's story helps explain how Amazon won last week's union vote in Alabama.

. Is Alibaba's fate a warning to China’s tech giants?
[141 hours old]: Alibaba’s run-in with Chinese regulators has made things tense for its other technology giants.

. 'By joining together we could make a difference'
[141 hours old]: The cooperative firms who say their business model made them more resilient to the pandemic.

. CEO Secrets: 'Taking risks is how we found our edge'
[152 hours old]: Public relations firm boss George James thought clients would be put off by his youth but turned his weakness into a strength.

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