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This campaign tip (no. 1080) was published on Wednesday, 15th December 2021
In the public transport / campaigning / improvement 'game' there are many organsations, and the direction and motivation may be very similar, strongly held views and passions mean that even the tiniest of differences can get blown up out of proportion. Organisations that shouldn't be competing with each other (but rather partnering) do compete, and individuals may find "if you do something for them, you can't do something for us". Such a thing blew up for me a couple of months back - glad to report (without details) that concern has been overturned (and for the long term too), but it has set me thinking and looking at how all the various organisations and types of organisations fit together - how they differ in approach from looking primarily to the past or looking into the far future. And considering very carefully what I take on, and indeed whether I step back from one or two things. Anyway - I came up with this chart of organisations and organsiation types in the rail / public transport business; it's from personal observation and members are welcome to disagree / persuade me change my mind
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These pages are written by Graham Ellis of Melksham, Wiltshire. Overlapping a life in IT and IT training, with running a hotel and campaigning for improved public transport, Graham has never been quiet - though he's starting to wind down gently now. He no longer takes overnight guests and has stepped doen from the "Community Rail Officer" role which he accidentally aquired. So he now has more time to write pages such as these and to travel in the UK. He'll be delighted to speak with your group or take a look through your case or camapaign, but be alerted that his time is not limitless even now, and he still has to keep the wolf from the door.

Postal: 48, Spa Road, Melksham, Wiltshire, SN12 7NY
Phonal: 01225 708225
Emailal: graham -at-
Or reach me on the Coffee Shop Forum (User Grahame) facilities

What a difference a campaign makes!

It probably wouldn't have happened without a strong community campaign with which I have been involved. Most days through 2019 I'll be sharing a thought, an idea, a way of working or an experience. Come back here for the links. Discussions via the Coffee Shop Forum - Graham Ellis, 31st December 2018

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