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Capital asks - not revenue

This campaign tip (no. 18) was published on Friday, 18th January 2019
Consider there two:
a) Can we have Capital funding of 1000 please
b) Can we have 1000 per year of annual support please

Same ask, right?

Wrong! If you campaign / ask for ?1000, that's ?1000 - if you campaign / ask for ?1000 per year for 15 years, that comes in at about ?23,000 with a 5% per annum allowance for inflation / loss of other earning on that money. Revenue is much more expensive "pound for pound" than capital. And note:

* You have nothing to show at for all your revenue spend - nothing to say "here is what we bought"

* Revenue spend is not earning you big political / popularity points as it's largely hidden

* With revenue spend you are seting much more of a precent that's difficult to stop

Let's see the maths ... Python program below into which you can plug your own parameters.

Result ...

Almira:jan19 grahamellis$ python capex 10 1.05 1000.0
"Can we have 1000.00" - Capital 1000.00 or Revenue 13206.79 over 10 years
Almira:jan19 grahamellis$

import sys

# Set initial parameters
try: years = int(sys.argv[1])
except: years = 15

try: growth = float(sys.argv[2])
except: growth = 1.05

try: amount = float(sys.argv[3])
except: amount = 1000.00

# Calculate for given values
revenueSpend = 0
grownTo = 1.0
for k in range(years):
	grownTo *= growth
	revenueSpend += grownTo * amount

# Print results
print ('"Can we have {0:.2f}" - Capital {0:.2f} or Revenue {1:.2f} over {2} years'

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Contact details

These pages are written by Graham Ellis of Melksham, Wiltshire. Overlapping a life in IT and IT training, with running a hotel and campaigning for improved public transport, Graham has never been quiet - though he's starting to wind down gently now. He no longer takes overnight guests and has stepped doen from the "Community Rail Officer" role which he accidentally aquired. So he now has more time to write pages such as these and to travel in the UK. He'll be delighted to speak with your group or take a look through your case or camapaign, but be alerted that his time is not limitless even now, and he still has to keep the wolf from the door.

Postal: 48, Spa Road, Melksham, Wiltshire, SN12 7NY
Phonal: 01225 708225
Emailal: graham -at-
Or reach me on the Coffee Shop Forum (User Grahame) facilities

What a difference a campaign makes!

It probably wouldn't have happened without a strong community campaign with which I have been involved. Most days through 2019 I'll be sharing a thought, an idea, a way of working or an experience. Come back here for the links. Discussions via the Coffee Shop Forum - Graham Ellis, 31st December 2018

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