Works beside track between Waterloo and Reading

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A noticed at few sites on this line (near Ashford, Feltham, Virginia Water) recently where pieces of new kit are appearing bedside the track. Seems to mostly be near the station and was wondering what they where?

Related to the platform extensions?

I really ought to know the answer to this, but I don't. I suspect though, like you, that it's related to delivering the "ten-car railway", HLOS platform extensions.

Southern Stag:
Could they be the trackside balises for the new SDO equipment?

Possible, but my understanding is that the automatic SDO (ASDO) kit is only being installed at stations where (a) the existing platform is less than ten cars AND (b) it's not practicable to extend the platform to a ten-car length. I can't remember the platform lengths off the top of my head, but Feltham *may* be one of these locations if the platform isn't ten cars already, given that it's restricted by a bridge at the London and and the level crossing at the country end. I can't remember what the status of the platform lengths/extensions is at Ashford or Virginia Water.

Southern Stag:
I was under the impression it would be installed at all stations because the system will work by releasing doors to be opened when a carriage runs past the balise. Will the system be configured differently for full length stations to just release all doors as standard, and will that require some sort of GPS so the train knows it's at a full length station.


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