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Title: Ticket Machine at Theale
Post by: chineseJohn on January 11, 2012, 10:46:01 am
I've written to FGW (about 2 years ago) and had messages with them via twitter but nothing has been done about this.

The machine can't be used in the follow weather conditions:

Sunny/Bright Light - screen so reflective you can't see any of the options very well, nightmare if you're sight impaired or elderly

Very Cold - for some reason in the cold the middle part of the screen stops working, I discovered this when I had to try and retrieve a ticket I had purchased online and found the letter in the ticket reference was in the middle of screen

Rain - because the machine is not under a shelter, the screen gets wet and cannot be used at all with extensive wiping down and drying, fine if it's stop raining but no good if it is raining.

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