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Title: Gatwick Flyaway Tickets from TransWilts Stations
Post by: grahame on July 14, 2014, 08:10:51 pm
Checking I have my facts right before I advertise this a bit more widely ...

Why drive to Gatwick Airport when your whole part can get there and back by train from Wiltshire for under a hundred pounds.   What a great way to start your holiday!   No driving, no messing about with long term parking, no taxi all the way ... take the train right to Gatwick Airport Station which is situated in the South terminal.

A "Flyaway Four" ticket is for four people travelling together to Gatwick Airport.   It's ^95 from Westbury and Trowbridge and ^90 from Melksham and Chippenham return to Gatwick for the whole group of 4.   You must travel via Reading and Guildford, but is valid on any train via that route.    Return is again valid on any train via Guildford and Reading within one calendar month.

The group must travel together, but (and I checked with National Rail Enquiries) there's no other restrictions and you can simply buy the ticket on the day at the ticket office, or if no open ticket office on the train (I'm guessing that means it's not on the Ticket Vending Machines).    The party of 4 can consist of a mix of adult and children if you wish, and extra children aged 5 to 15 can travel for just a pound return each.   If there are just 2 or 3 people in the group, you can ask for a "Flyaway Two" or "Flyaway Three", still at the same price.  Railcard discounts do NOT apply to this fare, which is good value anyway.

Flyaway tickets to Gatwick are also available from other First Great Western Stations.  Ask for ticket types G4F, G3F, G2F and GF1.

Comments / thoughts? 

I was not told of any requirement to prove that I was flying.

I note that the ticket is "reversible" which means it can be bought from Gatwick Airport

I don't know what rules if any apply on break of journey or on travelling short

Is there an equivalent Heathrow Flyaway ticket?  ;D

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