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Title: Wiltshire to The Midlands and north
Post by: grahame on August 31, 2016, 09:14:50 pm
I travelled from Melksham to Glasgow on Monday and from Glasgow to Melksham today.   On Monday, diverted trains allowed me to travel direct from Swindon to Birmingham without change and in 94 minutes (09:22 to 10:56).  No such luck today.

From Glasgow at 08:00
Change Wolverhampton 11:33 - 11:41
Birmingham at 12:00
290 miles, 213 minutes = 81 m.p.h. average

Birmingham at 12:04
(via Coventy at   12:25)
Change at Oxford
Change at Didcot
Change at Swindon
Arrive Melksham at 15:39
105 miles, 215 minutes = 29 m.p.h. average

Granted I turned up at Birmingham at a time where ongoing connections failed - but really there's scope for sorting out Wiltshire to Birmingham and the north!