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Title: Rail volunteers and supporters - a superior league
Post by: grahame on January 29, 2018, 10:32:34 am
Forum members, and other lurkers with whom I interact in my TransWilts or TravelWatch roles - you are marvellous.

[rant] Away from rail activities ... we had someone make an appointment to come around and visit us at 13:30 yesterday.  I got a text at 14:30 saying he would be available at 17:00 (cheeky, because we felt we were doing him a favour) and he eventually called at 19:15 saying he would be with us shortly.  Very apologetic, impossible for him to take the stuff we were donating to him in the dark, and I think he'll be back on Tuesday.  We got to our cold kebabs (delivered at 19:20 as we have put off cooking at both lunchtime and teatime) at around 20:00.

Lisa has headed up to meet with a volunteer at Chippenham History Centre today to spend all day working with him.  I got a phone call at 09:50 (for a 10 a.m. meeting) from the centre's supervisor - "very sorry for the late notice, but I've just heard the volunteer won't be coming in today after all"[/rant]

I must be very careful not to stand in a greenhouse and throw stones;  I am painfully aware that Iam a very very very long way from perfect ... but just wanted to say how rare such over-late notice mucking people about is on the forum and rail side.  Some members do have plans that change quite late on and that's totally understood - but your consideration for others in such a situation puts you in the Premier League, where other seem to be third division!

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