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Title: Passenger forums for North, South, West (and East?)
Post by: grahame on February 20, 2018, 07:12:06 am
Looking for passenger groups covering other parts of the UK?

Northern Resist covers the north of England (Northern franchise based):

The Association of British Commuters (ABC) is based around Southern

Our Coffee Shop covers Great Western Railway and (to a much lesser extent) our neighbours

For the East of England, East Anglia, the Midlands, Scotland and Wales - please post groups you know.

New Members to the Coffee Shop are welcome no matter where they live and travel in the UK, or indeed if they're just visiting the UK for a holiday, or have overseas comments / knowledge which will help inform.  Emily Yates (in a public post) on ABC writes "I've spent hundreds of hours reading about rail since 2016 and so many things are still not clear to me. This is one of the aims we founded ABC Ltd on actually: "increasing public literacy around transport". It'll always take a pooling of people's diverse skills but none of it would have been possible without community-building." and those are words I can whole-heartedly endorse in relation to the Coffee Shop. 

If you feel you only have a question to contribute, please do so.   We all started knowing little, and those of us who've been hear a while still learn a lot from your questions, as well as being able to help you get answers, and help meet the aims that Emily has put into words.

There are many specialist groups for individual lines - especially Community Rail ones, for heritage lines, around disused infrastructure and particular groups and types of trains.  They thrive, are very much worth a look too, but there are far, far too many to mention here!

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