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Title: Is today the most abnormal normal day?
Post by: grahame on June 01, 2018, 09:44:07 am
I was struck on the 08:17 Chippenham to Bristol the morning as to how quiet it was ... a train that's usually pretty busy being noticeable quiet.  Rush hour too.    Half term ... cuts traffic.   Friday ... cuts traffic.   IET announced "First and front and middle" probably sent unknowing occasional passengers to the rear  ;)

07:49 from Melksham - just 60/30  (journeys on line / sum of entrances and exits at Melksham). Bit down on usual too ... chatting with passengers and passing out engineering calendars.  Next week, the commuter trains are earlier; most commuters used to it by now, but no actual timetables at the station (poster or handout) for next week.  In my view a timetable would be more informative that a description of the change principles.

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