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Title: Hereford box
Post by: Witham Bobby on March 12, 2019, 01:03:01 pm
I heard on BBC Radio Hereford & Worcester this morning that services by GWR, West Midlands and tfW were "not calling at Hereford" because the signalbox there was out of action by staff illness.

It seems no OWW route services were affected except 1P18, (0642 Hereford) which was cancelled between Hereford and Worcester Shrub Hill.  Other Operators services between 0600 and 0745 were hit, though.

Title: Re: Hereford box
Post by: IndustryInsider on March 12, 2019, 01:51:56 pm
It is a rare but unfortunate occurrence that staff illness closes signalboxes.  Generally the more remote they are the more likely that they are single staffed and the longer it will take to source a replacement member of staff.  That's one of the advantages of having larger signalling centres in that replacement staff are easier to find.  Even then that's not always guaranteed to be the case as I remember one of the workstations at the Didcot TVSC had to shut for an hour or so a couple of years ago.

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