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Title: Broken links from Coffee Shop posts, 2010 to 2018
Post by: grahame on April 04, 2019, 09:34:00 am
It's come to my attention that there are well over 200 broken links in various of (mostly my) posts made between 2010 and October 2018.   I will look to fixing them (at least linking from the forum to a holding page or to this thread) over the next few hours, rather that giving "no such server" responses which they're doing this morning. No further reports please - I know of the problem and am seeing what I can do!

From the idea of the foundation of the TransWilts Community Rail Partnership around 10 years ago, through its moving from a group that was just called a CRP into an actual CRP, through the joining of ACoRP and the application for TransWilts to become a designated service, and also during the structuring of the CRP as a Community Interest Company, I looked after a number of appropriate working domains.  With my departure from TransWilts in the second half of last year, I agreed to release domains I held; totally logical and helping the new team funnel all information through their single current web site at . The old domain names are now expiring, and thus the broken links, even to pages which remained useful references.

Note that I may well be able to 'doctor' links on the forum to give better than "no such server" ... but if members have other links, or there are links on other pages that aren't mine to those domains, there's nothing I can practically do.  Technically, I could re-register the domains, but that would be going against my agreement and simply repeat / delay any sorting out, with potential ill feelings.

Title: Re: Broken links from Coffee Shop posts, 2010 to 2018
Post by: grahame on April 04, 2019, 11:26:33 am
OK - I have most of those links now pointing to what is essentially archived content, with some taking you to the main TransWilts web site (  Sorry about the short unplanned main server outage during the process.

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