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Title: Successful CCIF bids in Cornwall 19-20
Post by: RichardB on April 21, 2019, 03:02:06 pm
Here is the full list of successful bids to GWR's CCIF in Cornwall.  The list of successful bids across the GWR network should come out very soon.

Title: Re: Successful CCIF bids in Cornwall 19-20
Post by: grahame on April 22, 2019, 04:53:06 am
Here are links to forum threads on those projects already discussed on the Coffee Shop. Very brief summaries of the other - please quote / start separate threads (and I will come back and edit in links) to discuss your project.

Congratulations to ...

Bodmin General Platform 2: 54,000 - see ((here)) (
New platform at Bodmin General heritage station to enable additional trains to operate to Bodmin Parkway.

North Cornwall Railway Heritage Play Areas: 35,057
Breathe new life into a play area while promoting the heritage of Camelford Station.

Saltash Station Refurbishment Project: 40,000 - see ((here)) (
The former station building had laid in a near derelict state for a number of years. With financial support from GWR, Cornwall Council, and the Railway Heritage Trust, they are well on the way to securing the buildings future and refurbishment.

St Ives Station Pedestrian Signage and Way Marking: 5,000
This project will provide improved signage and way marking to encourage pedestrians to use a safer and more accessible route into the town.

Looe Valley Line Heritage centre: 40,000 - see ((here)) (
Create a heritage centre in the 1901 Liskeard & Looe Railway building (platform 3) at Liskeard.

Penzance Station onward connectivity: 15,900
The proposal includes: a new link to multi-use path through station car park; improved wayfinding to the path; improved signage to the bus station and town centre; extend platform 4 heritage fencing along the old motor raildock to replace existing fencing. There is also potential to provide cycle docking facilities on disused rail land.

Public Transport RTPI at Mainline Stations: 26,500
Provide bus real time information at key stations as part of One Public Transport System for Cornwall.

Across the whole GW area, there are 39 successful CCIF bids (about 1 in 4 of those submitted) ... a couple of others have also made the press and forum comment already - New lighting for Pewsey (, 3,000 and Taunton to Bishops Lydeard connecting trains (, 60,000

Title: Re: Successful CCIF bids in Cornwall 19-20
Post by: ChrisB on June 05, 2019, 02:11:09 pm
Here's the full list on the GWR website (

Good to see DfT acknowledgement of the CoffeeShop forum (by approving the small grant.

Project                                                                                                         CCIF Award
Didcot Parkway - Improved Bus/Train Interchange                                                            35,000
Dawlish Station Heritage Room                                                                                    10,000
Looe Valley Line Heritage Centre                                                                                    40,000
Penzance Station Onward Connectivity                                                                            15,900
Upgrade to Volunteers' Room Romsey Station                                                                    4,500
Public Transport RTPI at Mainline Stations                                                                    26,500
Audio Described Information in Toilets at Staffed Stations - Phase 1                                    19,930
Blackwater Valley Rail & Trail                                                                                            12,000
Westbury Office Renovation                                                                                            20,000
Vale of Evesham Rail Trails for Cyclists                                                                            5,000
St Ives Station Pedestrian Signage and Way Marking                                                            5,000
Cheltenham Real Time User and Information Experience                                                    33,952
Tarka Line Community Engineering Works Enhancement                                                    48,562
Improving Accessibility and Public Realm at Pangbourne Station                                            33,710
Torre Station Entrance Enhancement                                                                            7,823
Improving Sustainable Travel Information                                                                    9,355
Bodmin General Platform 2                                                                                            70,700
Saltash Station Refurbishment Project - Phase 2                                                            40,000
Avonmouth Station Community Food Growing & Learning Space                                            13,930
Ilfracombe Railway Heritage Trail                                                                                    2,500
North Cornwall Railway Heritage Play Areas Project                                                            35,057
What Would You Do?                                                                                                    9,500
Training New Volunteers to Teach Life Skills to Year 6 Children                                            10,000
Brunel Community Project                                                                                            30,000
Turning Tides @ The Tea Rooms and Another Root                                                            10,000
Dig for Devonport Community Explorers                                                                            6,550
Your Station, Your Train                                                                                            10,000
A Feasibility Study for the Construction of a Pedestrian/Cyclist Bridge at Hanborough Station    37,000
North Downs Line Guide 2019                                                                                    2,000
The Coffee Shop Virtual CRP - Securing the Future                                                            1,900
Developing Independence                                                                                            9,731
Light up Pewsey                                                                                                            3,000
Improving Cycle Parking & Wayfinding Security at Reading Station Northern Interchange            36,000
My Train Wales (Phase 4)                                                                                            46,650
'Play Train Network' at Thames Valley Adventure Playground                                            16,850
Exmoor Gateway                                                                                                            60,000
Twyford Station Enhanced Travel Plan                                                                            16,000
North Cotswold Line Taskforce - RNEP Develop Stage                                                    40,000
South Gloucestershire Days Out by Train Station Guides                                                    3,500

Year 4 Total:                                                                                                              838,100

Title: Re: Successful CCIF bids in Cornwall 19-20
Post by: ChrisB on June 05, 2019, 02:11:55 pm was all straight/level when I posted it! sorry....

Title: Re: Successful CCIF bids in Cornwall 19-20
Post by: grahame on June 05, 2019, 02:26:38 pm was all straight/level when I posted it! sorry....

The Coffee Shop is straight ... all the others are crooked  ;D ;D. The text edit window is a fixed width font but then it renders variable width.  I could offer suggestions on fixing it, but as posted it is admiraby fit for purpose.

The Coffee Shop award is of massive significance far and above the amount of money involved - as Chris says, it is such a confirmation / vindication of the forum, what it does, and how we are now going forward.

Title: Re: Successful CCIF bids in Cornwall 19-20
Post by: grahame on June 06, 2019, 06:29:17 am
I have started a thread "Across the West" to cover CCIF this year across the whole GWR area:

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