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Title: Community Rail in the City - across the UK thread - 15th May 2019
Post by: grahame on May 13, 2019, 02:32:17 pm
"Community Rail in the City" ... / ... Web Publicity from ACoRP at

Over forty community rail partnerships will be joining forces at 20 of the countries stations to showcase some of Britain’s most scenic rail journeys at a nationwide series of events.

‘Community Rail in the City’ is a flagship annual celebration aimed at promoting sustainable tourism and travel for recreation on Britain’s community rail routes, encouraging thousands of people to explore epic landscapes, coastal scenes, and sites of historic interest.

This year’s event, on Wednesday May 15, will see 42 community rail partnerships and tourism partners hosting activities at 20 mainline railway stations, including those in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Glasgow.

Highlights are set to include a ‘Highland Fling’ at Kings Cross, a countryside scene celebrating the 70th anniversary of National Parks at Waterloo, and an 18-foot replica of the Mayflower on display at London Liverpool Street

The event is organised by ACoRP, the umbrella body for community rail groups across Britain, whose chief executive, Jools Townsend, said: “Our members will be popping up at stations across Britain and engaging thousands of people to inspire and advise on day trips, weekends and holidays by rail. Tourism by rail is great for families and holiday-makers as it’s more sustainable than driving, provides a critical boost to local economies, and allows people to explore our wonderful, often not-well-known, community railway lines, which showcase some real hidden gems.”

"GWR Interest" listed in the publicity at Paddington, Reading and Birmingham New Street.

The Great Western Coffee Shop will have a stand on the transfer deck at Reading - lots of the planning for that in "Frequent Posters" and a big "Thank you" to our friends at ACoRP, Network Rail and Great Western for enabling it to happen. 

Although the Coffee Shop follows the ethos and pillars of ACoRP (the pillars are written into our constitution), we are not (as yet?) members. We are working towards fulfilling the membership criteria, but because membership criteria are designed around line / service / local authority area groups, there are some aspects we don't comfortably match. And there are other areas we don't match as we're (in organisation terms) a start up and are just getting things in place.  And as we are not (I'll add it again - yet) members, we don't pay any dues to ACoRP and we're not included in their publicity.  That's not really a problem - more a "nice to have" that we haven't.  We did offer to take ACoRP publicity on our booth, which will be the only one "rail side" at Reading - but I think I came across as being a bit cheeky for asking for material for which we haven't paid. I guess I saw it more as us offering to help ACoRP with getting their name out - again, having their material on our booth would have been nice but it's hardly make or break.

Again - THANK YOU to GWR, Network Rail and ACORP for all the help they have provided in setting this up for us and indeed sponsoring much of it.   I have a hallway here at home stuffed with an exhibition stand and am in the process of dotting t-s and crossing i-s to make sure we're all set for a great Wednesday promoting rail in the community and in the city.

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