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Title: English Regional Transport Association (ERTA)
Post by: grahame on October 30, 2019, 06:32:09 pm
I've been involved with this campaigning stuff for over a dozen years and thought I had come across most other major national campaigning groups.   The English Regional Transport Association ( is a new one on me, though - perhaps because their flagship projects are, thus far, not in our region.

The English Regional Transport Association (ERTA) is a voluntary membership-based, pro-public transport improvement association with its main projects initially in the Bedfordshire and surrounding regional areas but its remit has since increased since several of its projects have a nationwide positive benefit and impact.

Title: Re: English Regional Transport Association (ERTA)
Post by: stuving on October 30, 2019, 07:22:51 pm
Up to 2015 it was the Bedfordshire Railway and Transport Association (I don't know for how long).

Title: Re: English Regional Transport Association (ERTA)
Post by: grahame on August 12, 2020, 01:22:51 pm
Just posted (public post) on Facebook

Some of you may be interested in our Autumn Programme of Zoom Meetings:

ERTA - Autumn 2020 Programme

Northampton Meeting (Zoom) - Friday, 18 September 2pm-4pm

Conference (Zoom) - Saturday, 26 September 2pm-4pm
Speakers include:
Mr Karl Watts CEO Rail Operations Group on ‘Rail Operations Group – Revolutionising UK Train Operations’. How ROG’s innovative and disruptive approach to rail operations is helping to modernise and shape an alternative approach to network utilisation’.
Mr Trevor Garrod East Suffolk Travellers Association, "Rail Campaigning - What it can achieve."?
Mr Jon Harris, Integrated Transport, Accessibility & Development Manager, London Northwestern Railway on ‘Community Station Travel Planning and creative social engagement’
and Mr Stephen Sleight ‘Marston Vale Community Rail Partnership et al’.
There may be a slight variation between now and then and we will update accordingly.

Great Central Meeting (Zoom) – Friday, 2 October 2pm-4pm

Guildford Meeting (Zoom) – Friday, 16 October 2pm-4pm

Northampton Meeting (Zoom) - Friday, 30 October 2pm-4pm

Great Central Meeting (Zoom) - Friday, 13 November 2pm-4pm

AGM (Zoom) – Tuesday, 24 November 2pm-4pm

Guildford is on our 'area' ... and in general we can take part much more easily in distant meetings these days, so diary there for anyone interested.    Unclear as to whether membership is required to attend a meeting; note that there is a fee of £12 per annum to become a member. 

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