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Title: Tfl refund service not yet operational
Post by: NickB on December 30, 2019, 11:58:15 am

Following Saturday’s delays and cancellations I set about claiming my service delay refund.

I’m quite familiar with claiming refunds for tube delays, despite the best efforts of TfL’s web designers to make it as difficult as possible. My first discovery on this occasion is that stations to Reading have not been added to the website making online claims impossible at this time.

Instead we have to call the Oyster card support line (even for paper tickets). They themselves have not yet been issued with procedures on how to deal with refund claims and after much kerfuffle I was asked to email in a picture of my ticket. Fortunately I took one before the ticket machine gobbled it up.

I suspect that this saga is not yet over, and that I may also see the return of tfl travel vouchers rather than it being refunded directly by bank transfer. Fine by me, but that ended up with me clogging the counter at maidenhead for an hour to renew my season ticket each year so ultimately GWR’s loss.

This is quite disgraceful for a strategic handover.

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