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Title: Talk to us - reaching one of our team in chat
Post by: grahame on March 23, 2020, 06:40:55 am
The Coffee Shop Forum is pleased to announce the introduction of a "talk to us" service.  We're public transport users (or at current [Coronavirus, 23.3.2020] times wannabe users) just like you - here to give you pointers to information, help you make best use of our forum at , or simply talk travel and transport.

Initially, we will be online in the mornings for guests, and all day through to early evening for logged in forum members.  We can be contacted via the "talk with one of our team" button which will appear when an 'agent' (that's the term we use for people answerig the service) is available.  The service may be extended or curtailed in due course - no time limits set, but we will update this post so you know.

Coffee Shop members can turn off the "Talk with one of our team" button by selecting 'Chat off' at the top right of the page; this turn off facility is not avaiable to guests.  Membership also allows you to post questions, answer and comment, and send personal messages, and tailors the display to remove "join us" adverts.  You can register ((here)) ( and its free. Once you have posted a few times, you'll become a "frequent poster" which opens up further boards to you.

"Small print"

This service is manned purely by our volunteers and all advise and comment is made to the best of our knowledge, but cannot be guaranteed. Please check with GWR or others if in doubt

We cannot take up individual / personal cases - though we can suggest who you get in touch with at GWR, National Rail, British Transport Police, Transport Focus, the Rail Ombudsman, etc.

Standard advise / Coffee Shop FAQ

These are from our standard texts ...

[4] You can reach us again / direct via but you may find you're talking to a different person on The Coffee Shop

[5] Latest travel advise from GWR is at ; latest timetable advise is at . Please do not travel unless you need to at this time

[6] GWR can be reached by phone on 0345 7 000 125, on Twitter @GWRHelp and on Facebook at .  Advise on the chat facility we are using here is by a passenger, for passengers - not official though we liaise closely with GWR; please check with them if in doubt.

If you wish to comment on this post, there is a thread open at . We are keeping this announcement thread as a short(ish) introduction.

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