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Title: Heritage Railway Association
Post by: grahame on March 25, 2020, 06:35:49 am
Adding this thread ... though this is not a passenger-facing organisation but a trade body for heritage railways.  The Heritage Railway Association (HRA) has been mentioned in the past ... don't think we've even done a page on it, though

Excellent and updated page of pandemic links at

From their home page:

What is the HRA?

The Heritage Railway Association or HRA is a voluntary run trade association representing Heritage & Tourist railways, related Museums, Tramways, Cliff Lifts, Railway Preservation Groups and related organisations.

More than 180 of our member organisations regularly open to the public, with 156 of these operating with passengers, although a few only give rides on special days. We have over 300 corporate members in total.

We are here to assist and guide our Members, who may be any organisation that is heritage rail related, and is preserving, or helping their visitors understand, or just enjoy, our rich rail based history.

Our organisation is not primarily here to help members of the public with heritage matters, or give them detailed information about our Members. However if you are a member of the public, trying to find one of our Members to visit, or arranging group travel, who has landed on this page, you might like to take a look at our interactive map and travel guide page - find somewhere to visit - There you will find the locations of our operating members, and be able to download our invaluable “Group Travel Guide”

Title: Re: Heritage Railway Association
Post by: grahame on July 16, 2020, 11:35:56 am
Very useful list from the Heritage Railway Association of their members, when they are planning to re-open, and URLs for their web sites. Dated 10th July, mirror ((here)) ( .

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