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Title: 5.6.2020 Linking Shared and Sustainable Transport
Post by: grahame on June 03, 2020, 07:20:49 pm
TWSW Webinar Series session 5: Linking Shared and Sustainable Transport

Friday 5th June 2020, 16:00, Booking via Eventbrite

There is broad agreement that alternative transport network must be seamless to usurp the car. But how?

PLANNING FOR RESTART & TAKING THE OPPORTUNITY FOR LASTING CHANGE: An alternative transport network must be seamless to usurp the car. How?

About this Event

What is the journey experience which we could reasonably be expected to abandon cars for? Let's talk about how can we deliver the seamless connections which create a single journey experience for passengers? Do we need a blueprint strategy? Who will co-ordinate this and how will passenger needs continue to be met?

Title: Re: 5.6.2020 Linking Shared and Sustainable Transport
Post by: grahame on June 05, 2020, 11:20:50 am
About this Event

What is the journey experience which we could reasonably be expected to abandon cars for? Let's talk about how can we deliver the seamless connections which create a single journey experience for passengers? Do we need a blueprint strategy? Who will co-ordinate this and how will passenger needs continue to be met?

We welcome Antonia Roberts, Deputy Chief Executive at CoMo to lead the conversation in this session.
Antonia was part of the team which set up CoMoUK (as Carplus) in 1999 and spent 10 years helping to nurture the newly emerging car club industry, developing the information programme and accreditation scheme amongst other projects. Antonia re-joined the organisation in 2015 to set up the sister arm Bikeplus to support the development of bike share. For intervening 5 years Antonia managed an Active Travel Project in Leeds for Sustrans.

Antonia has 20 years’ experience working in the field of sustainable transport.

Title: Re: 5.6.2020 Linking Shared and Sustainable Transport
Post by: grahame on June 06, 2020, 06:46:40 am
TWSW zoom webinar, 5th June 2020, 16:00

Personally taken notes - following as I noted them, errors and omissions expected, please let me know of any corrections - Grahame

What is the journey experience which we could reasonably be expected to abandon cars for? Let's talk about how can we deliver the seamless connections which create a single journey experience for passengers? Do we need a blueprint strategy? Who will co-ordinate this and how will passenger needs continue to be met?

Chris Irwin

How do we plan for the new normal?
Wary of missed opportunities. Quoting Churchill - too good an opportunity to waste
What is the vision?

But opportunity could disappear quickly
China already back to 'normal' (prelockdown) air quality levels

Is wearing a mask a stigma on public transport?

Government is encouraging action on active transport but that does not solve travel for all
"One Journey"
Intro to Antonia Roberts of CoMoUk -

Antonia Roberts

Collaborative Mobility; shared transport systems
Car share, ride share, cycle share
"Share North" mobility hubs

Typically a private company in a public space - complexity but "we" provide guidance

What is a hub


Space in public realm, repurposing space - see the elements in the CoMoUk pictures
Societal elements also important. Maas (Mobility as a service)
Examples coming in Exeter St Davids / Train -> Bus -> Car club
Colocation at station, higher profile
Quoting Grant Shapps - even electric scooters, and shared?

? from CI - noting Real Time info - how vital is the real time element?

Catalogue of facilities & info vital.  Real Time may not be [[ on very frequent services?? ]]
Digital pillar / interaction with information

David Redgewell

Who provides the money to run these?
How will it be done 24×7, avoid antisocial behaviour, have disabled access?
Toilets and cafe?
Social distancing?

Mike Reddaway

Keen to see even in residential street (?)
Perhaps small station / single car and bike hire

Andrew Ardley

Bigger scheme from SWR at Salisbury
Challenge because of a lack of space anyway there.

Different at different stations BUT can be incremental
Cranbrook, Honiton, Pinhoe examples

Trying to work with Network Rail.
Challenges to get finances together as it's cross modes lots of pots to co-ordinate

John Hassall

Opportunity at restart / issue at Minehead with limited capacity
How about WSR running a 3 car DMU Minehead to Bishops Lydeard - up from 10 to 45 passengers
Lots of needs to get to hospital - Minehead and Musgrove Park in Taunton


Concern at need for Loos


To help with all the variety we have identified 6 types of hub
smaller ones have no loo, bigger ones, yes
Important to have them looked after by real people not electronic / remote.

Q: How to turn (subsidised) good practise examples into a financially stable generality
A: Beginning to develop / see as part of a regional solution
UK has far more admin / business cases to do [[ JFDI on continent?? ]]

Andy Burkett

Can we afford it - how fund?
£110m deficit for Bristol coming out of Covid

Claire Waters

Parish Councils may have some funding - small amounts but get them all together

Richard Gamble

Multifaceted approach; Hub should be attraction in its own right
Look at Devizes Parkway plans. And do it because it's best

Andrew Ardley

Community Rail Partnerships can help

Bryony Chetwode

Better Access for buses and planning at time facilities are built
But can be as simple as light sequencing

From Plymouth area

Rail to Bus
What is the cleanest  way to the future
Buses may not do much for emissions
HOW to get drivers out of cars?

Chris Irwin

Electric bus - reports / studies of higher tyre pollution date back to 2012
Since then, electric bus weight has come down to be similar to diesel vehicles
NOW - electric, no fuel emissions, tyres similar, brakes less (regen?)

David Northey

Need to see routes not have things hidden away for just those who know
Taunton a real opportunity. Also connect to rail.

And finally - big thanks to Chris Irwin for plug for Coffee Shop Tuesday Club.

Notes from chat to follow

Title: Re: 5.6.2020 Linking Shared and Sustainable Transport
Post by: grahame on June 06, 2020, 07:17:15 am
From public chat

Intros / who's who

15:59:47    From  mark Shelford : Mark Shelford from Bath Area Trams Association
15:59:57    From  Graham Ellis : Melksham RUG, Coffee Shop
16:00:13    From  Philip Sankey : hello from Lyme Regis (WATAG)
16:00:15    From  Tim Weekes : hullo from FoSBR
16:00:37    From  Graham : Graham from PL21 Transition
16:00:38    From  Andy Burkitt - SERA SW : So I am from SERA and Transport for Greater Bristol - Bristol based
16:00:40    From  Verona : Although I'm shown as Verona, I'm  actually Bob Driscoll from WATAG!
16:00:40    From  Andrew.Ardley : Regional Development Manager, South Western Railway
16:00:43    From  David Redgewell : hello  David Redgewell from  Bristol mayor transport board and Bristol disability equality forum  Railfuture Severnside
16:00:48    From  Claire Walters : Claire Walters here from Bus Users.
16:00:56    From  Tim Kendell : Hello from Mid Sussex from Tim Kendell
16:01:04    From  Paul Johnson : Hi everyone Paul from TransWilts
16:01:08    From  Robert Williams : Robert Williams, Reading Buses, complete with working microphone this week!
16:01:08    From  James White : James White from TravelWatch South West and the West of England Combined Authority
16:01:09    From  Nick Thwaites : Hi, I am a district Cllr of SWT representing a ward on ENP
16:01:35    From  David Northey : Hello David Northey from Network Rail Strategic Planner - West
16:06:20    From  Lucy Travis : Hi Lucy from Frome and Villages Bus User Group and Somerset Catch The Bus Campaign
16:06:50    From  David Bricknell Climate Action Plymouth : The Government approach included Active Travel and Electric Vehicles.  Electric can include all Public Transport.
16:50:05    From  CoMoUK :

Public chat comments:

16:03:27    From  Claire Walters : Useful link to CILT paper linking the future of transport to the Decarbonisation agenda.. It's bit jargon heavy but worth a read nonetheless:
16:03:32    From  Claire Walters :

16:08:10    From  Graham : Are you aware of this?
16:14:41    From  Roma : Where do toilets fit into this mix
16:15:33    From  Mike Reddaway : Co Cars are putting car and bike club points next to GWR stations. I have a co car at the other end of my street next to St James' Park station in Exeter.
16:16:31    From  Tim Kendell : Beware, electric traction for buses and cars is only half the answer. You must not forget the Non-exhaust emissions which are mainly PM2.5 that are more dangerous to life that other emissions. See DEFRA report
16:16:39    From  Bryony Chetwode : Roma I suppose this is something which communities in rural areas will have to work together to find a solution for, dependent upon find, services level, etc.
16:16:40    From  David Redgewell : shelter a waiting room s disabled access  social distancing  in facilities  cafe toilets  big issue  with  local  authorities  in south west England  .
16:17:27    From  David Redgewell : widening on pavements for  passengers  and  cycling and walking  access
16:18:08    From  David Redgewell : Taunton  would  be good  places for the transport hub
16:18:16    From  Bryony Chetwode : Physical comfort, certainty, information and anxiety  reduction with onward connection will be key.
16:18:20    From  Andrew.Ardley : We're working with Wilts Council on a forecourt scheme at Salisbury which will incorporate many of these elements such as cycle hub, bus interchange, e-bikes and car club vehicle as well as pedestrian space. Challenge is to replace the lost car park spaces.
16:18:57    From  David Bricknell Climate Action Plymouth : Electric transport is zero emission CO2, zero NOx and very much lower particulates from tyres and brakes.  EVs barely use brakes due to regenerative braking and are lighter on their tyres. The Government’s latest report states they are reassessing particulates from tyres and brakes.
16:20:48    From  Bryony Chetwode : will always make PT reliability questionable if we pursue individual  vehicles in sole ownership for all
16:21:02    From  Bryony Chetwode : Congestion
16:21:16    From  John Hamley : This only covers local transport. How do the longer distance services (train/bus) fit in?
16:21:34    From  Verona : This is a great idea. However, where would the funding come from? Also, it should be a National scheme rather than each County "doing its own thing"
16:22:03    From  Bryony Chetwode : John Hamley there is a local element to every long distance journey - even if it is walking.
16:23:10    From  Bryony Chetwode : A passivhaus apartment block has just been built in Seaton which includes a shared vehicle
16:23:36    From  James White : West of England Combined Authority's successful Future Transport Zones bid includes mobility stations (hubs).  Likely to be several trial areas - Bath, Bristol, South Gloucestershire and along the lines shown in the graphic.  WECA's Joint Local Transport Plan also has a commitment to mobility stations.
16:24:05    From  Tim Weekes : Clifton Down does seem a very obvious location for a mobility hub...
16:24:06    From  Bryony Chetwode : James White - do you have some picture plans we can share
16:24:53    From  dick : In many European cities these front of rail stations hub areas often link with trams & buses, as well as having good cycle storage.
16:25:15    From  Bryony Chetwode : Can we connect the purchase of access to all these great instalments is as one journey
16:25:35    From  Tim Kendell : MaaS is great in principle but requires all modes and operators to sign up and people need to be internet savy. Many people who rely on public transport are not IT savy through age, disability etc. What we need is Transport for All, with services and ticketing are easy to understand as well as better provision to attract car users. COVID unfortunately does not help.
16:26:00    From  Andy Burkitt - SERA SW : James White - think all the community organisations in Easton near Stapleton Road Station would work with you if interested
16:26:14    From  Claire Walters : As ever, good ideas fall down if it's not tested against public needs. Short regular journeys, long-distance occasional journeys, ad-hoc journeys, all options need to be investigated and trialled before finalising the plan: all needs have to be catered for but with localised tailoring. Nobody said it would be easy, but it will be needed in order to not have lots of unused transport options sitting permanently in hubs.
16:26:26    From  David Bricknell Climate Action Plymouth : In many European cities, rail transport is electric.  In the South West our rail is diesel and our shared cars are largely combustion engined.  How does this address our Climate Emergency.
16:28:22    From  Bryony Chetwode : those without their cameras on willneed to interrupt via the chat
16:29:28    From  Ian Harrison : A key question is how we move from mobility hubs being examples of good practice, to being rolled out more generally. That means having a model which works financially.
16:32:13    From  David Redgewell : Helen Holand was the transport member  we had bus and rail  information displays in the shopping centre  we had car club and bike parking  the money  ran out first group gwr and first bus revisited  again   a year a go
16:32:32    From  Bryony Chetwode : There are some really interesting schemes where shops have signs which enable particular groups to access assistance from a human in proximity to a hub (Autism scheme)
16:33:07    From  Claire Walters : Covid has seen lots of LAs taking out seating from public transport shelters/stations to help social distancing. Not replacing them with spaced seating will make public transport very difficult, especially if one bus is full and more waiting is needed... Hubs would have the same issues and removable flexible seating will be needed to attract people who can't stand for too long.
16:33:26    From  Bryony Chetwode : Is our business case now something which gives a value to environmental benefit
16:34:32    From  Mike Lambden Bus Archive : I see that Flanders are getting nine hubs but they are all funded by European Development Fund money.
16:34:48    From  David Redgewell : Bath spa bus and rail station would make a good scheme in weca mayoral transport authority
16:35:18    From  Claire Walters : Parish Councils also have small but useful discretionary budgets which could be used for the benefit of the communities they serve.
16:36:24    From  David Redgewell : Weston super mare Railway station make a good  hub  with bus and rail services  and needs full  disabled access
16:37:06    From  Bryony Chetwode : In the South West there is every opportunity to push for holiday businesses to partnership provide enhancement
16:37:35    From  Mike Reddaway : There is likely to be a funding requirement to set up the hub which, as Andrew said, is likely to come from different sources. Many existing sites can expand into a hub. Most railway stations already have a car park, bus stop and a bike rack (+ café & toilets if lucky!) but not yet described as a transport hub.
16:38:35    From  CoMoUK : Recent webinar recordings on this topic available at plus survey for those wishing to joining a network. We are running a forum meeting on 17th june
16:38:46    From  David Redgewell : wells to Burnham onsea  bus service is parish council s fund this route  with Somerset county council  wells city council  run the passengers  buildings at wells bus station  with  travel office and toilets
16:39:03    From  Ricky Lowes Climate Action Plymouth : hear hear!
16:39:19    From  Ricky Lowes Climate Action Plymouth : But it has to be reliable and regular
16:39:22    From  Bryony Chetwode : There are places with evolving visions.  We have been working with Bus companies, Gloucester, Hospital patients and the GWR and Network Rail to move towards this vision in Gloucester. 
16:39:48    From  James Harkins : buses don't attract people out of cars in the numbers needed
16:40:39    From  Claire Walters : Rural areas notoriously have dreadful internet access so the suggested wifi hub in the pictogram along with wifi provided by buses could be an attractive benefit for rural communities. If you offered bookable workspaces in the vicinity of the hub too, that could conceivably produce revenue income.

16:41:21    From  Claire Walters : Especially with working from home likely to increase
16:41:21    From  Ricky Lowes Climate Action Plymouth : Bus service needs radical rethinking to work effectively. EV, small vehicles, frequent, many routes...
16:41:45    From  David Redgewell : Plymouth railway station need s to be a hub for intergrated transport  a project  for for  first Great western railway. Network rail city council  stagecoach  south west  go ahead .and bike rental scheme s
16:42:30    From  Ricky Lowes Climate Action Plymouth : Absolutely, David, and it is about to be refurbished - an opportunity?
16:42:37    From  Gesella : I have tried to get my local P.C. to contribute to our local Bridport Council supported town circular bus, which runs on market days, but as it doesn't come into our village they won't make a donation, this was the same response for the Beaminster Council bus which runs between Beaminster and Bridport on Saturdays
16:42:50    From  Fire : Yate has a very good shopmobility scheme but the scheme has limited in operating hours due to funding issues.
16:43:06    From  Ricky Lowes Climate Action Plymouth : The bottom of the Plymouth station carpark could be a nice hub, with the upper level left for parking.
16:43:46    From  Paul Johnson : Claire’s point, TransWilts have just refurbished Westbury to provide a community meeting room which is bookable and well located Westbury White Horse Room. Funded by GWR CCIF and Community Rail Network.
16:44:22    From  David Redgewell : Gloucester is also removing  all  the steps on the subway to the Hospital and London road good working  in Gloucester between the city  council  county council stagecoach and first gwr  and Network rail  .
16:45:43    From  David Redgewell : Bridport  bus station  we are looking to get the toilets reopening  passengers group push this hard
16:46:41    From  David Redgewell : Government  needs to fund public toilets at transport interchange s
16:47:10    From  Tim Kendell : Trams get drivers out of cars
16:47:26    From  Bryony Chetwode : My understanding is that active travel is much healthier and includes buses
16:47:56    From  Claire Walters : You need carrots and sticks to shift drivers out of cars. I hate to point at London because of the contrast with funding regimes, but it's just too much aggravation for many drivers to go into London in a car
16:48:01    From  Mike Lambden Bus Archive : A report in West Midlands some 15 years ago amongst non bus users found they were reluctant to use bus unless the buses avoided the people they did not want to mix with.
16:48:20    From  David Redgewell : bus at the moment are funded  in England by the department for transport Monday to Friday 7am to 730 pm no dft funding  for weekend and evening service
16:48:29    From  mark Shelford : Trams have very little emissions and are carbon neutral at the point of use
16:48:57    From  David Redgewell : The rules for £254 million
16:49:39    From  Graham : Plymouth has secured money from Gov TCF that includes new bridge for walking and cycling to the north
16:49:43    From  David Redgewell : looking forward  to TAUNTON bus railway station hub opening
16:49:49    From  Tim Kendell : I have just sent a report from the SINTROPHER project on interchanges
16:50:02    From  Lucy Travis : Taunton railway station is too far out from the townc centre so wouldn't work to act as a bus hub
16:50:04    From  David Bricknell Climate Action Plymouth : Would love a Electric Tram system in Plymouth - this form of public transport does attract car drivers.
16:50:06    From  David Redgewell : plans to reopen taunton bus station soon 
16:50:19    From  David Redgewell : first group and swt
16:50:07    From  Jim Harkins : Defra last month has indicated that NEE is a significant generator of micro plastics
16:51:21    From  David Redgewell : details of taunton bus station and centre proposal next week

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