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Title: Timetables at stations - requirement details
Post by: grahame on July 21, 2020, 07:15:39 am
My understanding is that there is a requirement in franchises to display timetables at all stations.

Is this still the case? What are the details? Is a WebTIS screen that displays the next four departures (or fewer if the service is very thin) sufficient to meet the requirement?  Should the timetable displayed show all departures, or is it OK for it to show only some of the trains (e.g. just in the direction that most people travel?).  What about timetables that are no longer current - are they sufficient to meet the needs?   Timetables in the current "temporary" timetables which are probably not changing again until September?

I appreciate that it takes time and effort / a logistical nightmare to update timetables as 210 stations - but would have thought that's in the interest of helping passengers and potential passengers to display printed sheets, even in the modern day of mobile devices.

Title: Re: Timetables at stations - requirement details
Post by: bobm on July 21, 2020, 08:06:41 am
There have not been timetables on the GWR website for some time - just a reliance on journey planners.   I can see the sense in that during a rapidly changing situation but a lot of people do prefer being able to see the complete picture rather than times of a specific train.

There has also been a note at the foot of the timetable page stating "Future service alterations:  The next planned increase in train services will happen in mid/late July 2020. Details will be posted here when they are confirmed."   I am not sure what is planned, although I do note from this week there is now an increase to the overnight service between Penzance and Paddington in both directions.  It now runs on Monday to Friday nights inclusive but still only for seated passengers.

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