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Title: Local lockdown services
Post by: froome on September 22, 2020, 09:44:32 am
With an increasing number of local lockdowns taking place in south Wales, what is happening to public transport services in these areas? The 'rules' of the local lockdowns state that nobody should enter or leave the areas concerned without good reason. The rail operators' websites point to local authorities for current information, but their websites don't give any explicit information about these.

Are train and bus services continuing on their current timetables, or being reduced?

Is any enforcement of these rules taking place on trains or at stations?

What will happen at major interchange stations such as Newport, where many people pass through and have to change services?

We had intended going to Newport this week, but given the current circumstances, won't now be doing so. However, instead we will be changing services here, which I assume will be ok?

Title: Re: Local lockdown services
Post by: Lee on September 22, 2020, 09:59:18 am
All interesting questions, and given that Boris Johnson tonight could once again urge people to work from home if at all possible, are we looking at a renewed nationwide "dont use public transport unless absolutely necessary" message, this time potentially lasting until the spring of 2021?

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