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Title: Chris Loder on opportunities for the British rail industry.
Post by: grahame on February 24, 2021, 10:59:52 pm
Chris Loder, MP for West Dorset, formerly with South West Trains, bigs up the rail industry in Conservative Home (

As Brexit negotiations have concluded, the Government is working hard to both protect and expand British industry by creating a future of new opportunity through trade negotiations. When developing a new independent trade policy, it is crucial that we prioritise sectors in which we are global leaders and create the best framework possible to help them remain that way in a post-Brexit world.

Recently, I wrote about the importance of rail in the context of our fight back against Covid-19. Today, I am again banging the drum for the rail industry that I know and love; particularly because of its rather unknown status as a major exporter – but we need to change that.


Just as when I quote the Morning Star, I quote but don't necessarily agree with everything on Conservative Home, or indeed in this post.   Chris, however, takes an in depth experience in driving train (services) forward into politics and it cannot be but helpful to have a friend of the railways in The Commons

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