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Title: Buses for staff to and from hospitals
Post by: grahame on June 09, 2021, 08:28:20 am
An overnight exchange on Facebook (a public board) - original posted at midnight, follow ups to 7 a.m.

Hi I’m looking at a Job at the RUH Bath , wondered if anyone else travels from Melksham and how they find the traffic/ journey ? It would be 07.30 start and 8 pm finish. Thanks in advance

Traffic should be fine at those times!

I work in bath best leave around 07:10 gives you time to get to ruh

Jxxx Cxxxx traffic should be fine at those times

Traffic is fine at those hours I leave at 6.50 and get to the RUH at 7.20 with time to spare to get changed before my shift starts. No traffic at 8pm either

I agree, traffic is ok then. I leave around 6:40 to start those shifts. I usually get home about 8:30pm ish. There are quite a few people from Melksham that work at the RUH. Good luck with the job search

Thank you so much for all your comments, really appreciate it. Is there a better way to go , ie is Winsley , Brasknocker Hill , coming into Bath from Widcombe side then lower Bristol road , pass BMW garage then to ruh the best way ? Maybe we should start a car share system ? Many thanks fingers [crossed] should know today or tomorrow !

Cxxxx Cxxxxxx tbh as the traffic is light at the times you'll be driving I would just go Shaw, Atworth, Box or past Kingsdown golf club and down london road. Check google maps if your not sure.

I start at the RUH at 7.30am and there isn’t much traffic at all that time of day and 8pm it will also be quiet.

Never had a problem with traffic to and from bath at those times

Traffic is fine it's parking once you get there, better off using the side streets past the ruh, staff aren't allowed to park in the visitors parking and if you pay for the staff parking you are not guaranteed a space

Very interesting to look at the amount of responses in that short period,  the consistency of hours and the concerns at traffic and parking.   Someone suggested car share - I find myself wondering about a "274" - Melksham residential areas, Town Centre, Corsham main road, Box, Bath (Snow Hill), Bath (Claverton Street), Bath (Lower Bristol Road) and Bath (RUH) for 07:15, return journey at around 20:15.  Morning vehicle goes on to school runs and day service, evening vehicle as services run down at day's end.    Very early idea - routed to avoid Bath City Centre (slowing down run even if not much traffic) but close enough to drop off early staff and railway transfer traffic just across the river from Bath Spa Station.

Title: Re: Buses for staff to and from hospitals
Post by: CyclingSid on June 09, 2021, 08:44:33 am
Reading has had an H1 Hospital service for staff of the Royal Berkshire Hospital, most trips outside of shift changes appear lightly loaded. Does a circuit of the town centre and the railway station. I assume this is subsidised by the government.

Is there a similar service in Bath, which might open up travel options?

Title: Re: Buses for staff to and from hospitals
Post by: Bob_Blakey on June 09, 2021, 09:30:51 am
In Exeter the RD&E (Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital NHS Trust) has had a P&R (Park & Ride) service, based next to Digby & Sowton railway station, for many years. Initially both parking and bus could be used by the general public but a couple of years ago the parking was restricted to permit holding NHS staff because the site filled up so frequently. The car park is still full, or nearly so, most weekdays. The P&R bus only runs M>F so on relevant weekends the car park is used by Exeter Chiefs supporters (on payment of a £10 charitable 'donation').

The hospital is also served by the Stagecoach H bus service.

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