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Title: Rail Industry Recover Group - report
Post by: grahame on June 16, 2021, 09:10:59 am
From Rail News (

POSSIBLE industrial action over the loss of railway jobs appears to have been averted, following the publication of an Enabling Framework Agreement signed by the unions, with the agreement of train operators and Network Rail.

Staff numbers are set to fall and there is to be a recruitment freeze unless the jobs involved are vital, while the government has warned that it is unable to fund any of the outstanding pay reviews for 2020 and 2021 with the exception of an increase of £250 a year for the lowest paid workers, who earn less than £24,000 annually. The document comments: ‘The employers and DfT regard such a financial saving as a contribution to reducing the overall staffing costs of the railway.’

This document, produced by the new Rail Industry Recovery Group, acknowledges that the number of passenger trains in the May timetable is about a sixth lower than it was in December, although it is is designed to be adjustable in response to ‘variable’ passenger demand.

As the industry also needs to reduce its costs and reductions in train service levels are set to affect the number of staff needed, the agreement says: ‘We will aim to seek volunteers who are interested in applying to leave the industry in the first instance. We shall initially offer a voluntary leaver’s scheme inviting applications from employees who are directly affected by the changes.’

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Rail Industry Recovery Group (RIRG): Enabling Framework Agreement Joint Statement

Rail workers have played an important and vital role in keeping Britain moving by ensuring key workers, essential travel and freight services have been able to continue to operate throughout the pandemic and their continued support and experience will help us to build a safe, more reliable and efficient railway for the future.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Government has been funding the significant gap in rail finances created by the loss of passenger revenue. During this time, taxpayer support for rail services has increased significantly while the industry's operating costs have broadly stayed at pre-pandemic levels.

The Government’s position is that the current financial commitment is not unlimited or sustainable. As a result, industry representatives have worked with the four recognised Trades Unions to agree an Enabling Framework.

The Enabling Framework Agreement (EFA) sets out common principles and focus areas that will shape our work to create a sustainable recovery for our industry.  At its core is a transition to a more secure, sustainable future for our industry and those who work within it. You can read more about the EFA here

The next step is to establish industry-wide workstreams and sub-groups, including representatives from across the industry, to take forward detailed proposals for local discussion and implementation.

Further updates on progress will be communicated on a regular basis.

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