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Title: Retractable Bridge(s) at Barry Docks
Post by: grahame on August 15, 2021, 08:29:24 pm
From Movable Bridges of the British Isles ( and Graces Guide (

The complex infrastructure of Barry Docks included a swing bridge and two sliding (retractable) bridges survives. Large retractable bridges are rare, and one of the Barry Docks survives as a listed structure, along with its control cabin. [1]. The cabin is in very delapidated condition, while the bridge is suffering from corrosion (2019).

Title: Re: Retractable Bridge(s) at Barry Docks
Post by: eightf48544 on August 16, 2021, 10:49:59 am
Got caught for a couple of hours in the old Scunthorpe yard by the slide bridge at Keadby. It was a hot day and they couldn't get the rail locks back in place after letting a boat through.

It was Hetertfordshires Roxey? Music Tour.

It also ended interestingly in that on approaching Stevenage an annoucement was made that all passengers for Potters Bar should alight at Stevenage as the main train was going via the Hertford Loop. However the late John Farrow arranged for ECS from Royston to use an obscure crossover from Up to Down thus we got some very rare  track and traveled wrong line on the Down Slow to Potters Bar where we alighted. I believe that was probably the last rain to use tha crossover and that it was removed shortly after.

Raises another interesting topic "How much infrastructure should be in place for the occasional emergency"

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