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Title: Dilton Marsh - service from December 2021
Post by: grahame on September 09, 2021, 02:36:26 pm
With the loss of the Westbury to Southampton 'locals' from December (with the exception of the early morning one) I took a look at what the Dilton Marsh service will look like ...


* A gap from 06:57 to 13:34 in trains to Salisbury, then nothing direct until 22:07
 - just 2 stops down the line, though a good connection off the 09:54

* 8 southbound and 13 northbound services. 
* 5 of the 8 southbound services go no further that Warminster
* 7 of the 13 northbound services only start from Warminster (and one expires at Westbury)

In looking at this, I also looked at SWR services at Warminster after the Bristols cease - I will commend in a separate thread on these;  my interest here is that these could likely provide those 5 extra DMH southbound stops - filling the morning gap so services to Salisbury and beyond in some cases are 06:57, 07:40, 11:40, 13:34, 14:15, 15:45, 22:07 and 23:12


Title: Re: Dilton Marsh - service from December 2021
Post by: grahame on September 09, 2021, 03:48:38 pm
Looking at easements ... I think these both say more or less the same thing - that passengers fro Dilton Marsh to Westbury or beyond there may travel via Warminster.  They do NOT say that passengers from Dilton Marsh to stations to the south can travel via Westbury, which would seem to be even more useful and a much shorter double back

030173 - Local - Customers travelling from Dilton Marsh to Westbury and beyond may doubleback via Warminster. This easement applies in both directions.

030154 - Local - to allow the doubleback Dilton Marsh to Westbury via Warminster, even though the  fare for the doubleback through the origin/destination is higher than the overall fare. This easement applies in both directions.

Can anyone suggest why there's this imbalance of easements?

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