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Title: Coffee Shop Forum - Frequently Asked Questions in news, help and assistance
Post by: grahame on November 16, 2021, 16:39:56
Frequently asked questions ... a new composite and sticky "thread" of pointers to the resources that people commonly look for.
* For the forum home page: (link) (


* Newcomers start here - and a reference for older members - (link) (
That link includes a copy of your forum agreement, a copy of our constitution, posting guidelines, etc

* If you feel something on the forum is wrong - (link) (
How to report problems with content or site operation even if you are a guest

* "Person hit by train" - what it means, and people to contact if you need help - (link) (

* Emergency contacts on public transport (here) (

About this forum
* Here as a guest? Why not join - it's free! - (link) (

* A map of this forum - what is where? - (link) (
* The background to the forum - (link) (
* Who are we? - The people behind this forum - (link) (

* Keeping your account up to date / what to do if you can't log in (link) (
* Images in your posts (link) (

* Thoughts and guidelines on posting obituaries - (link) (

About Public and sustainable transport
* Community and Rail - how they work together - (link) (
* Who are the key players in the UK passenger rail industry? - (link) (
* Active campaigns across the area we cover - (link) (

About Making journeys
* Looking for advice on fares, or answers to fare questions? - (link) (
* Keeping the price of your rail travel down - (link) (
* Cycles and how the railway deals with them - (link) (

About wider topics
* Links to other sites and resources - (link) (
* On running a (transport group) meeting - (link) (
* Heritage Railways across the UK - (link) (

And where can I ...
* Search for something? - (here) (
* Interpret abbreviations and acronyms - (here) (
* Find the latest topics started on the forum - (here) (
* Find recently most popular topics (here) (
* Find what has happened so far this month - (here) (
(in the following replace "TRO" with any other 3 letter station code)
* Find resources for a station -
* Find a map of the station area -

If you feel something else could usefully be added to this FAQ, please follow up onthe discussion thread at

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