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Title: Fifteen years old site - and still current
Post by: grahame on January 28, 2022, 10:00:54 am
This forum's first post was made 15 years ago today:

Hello and welcome!


This site has been set up for CUSTOMERS and WANNABE Customers of First Great Western so that they can exchange views, stories, suggestion - with the ultipmate objective of making positive feedback, actually having the customer listened to and heeded and perhaps coming up with a better rail service for us, and one that's better for the operator, the economy and the environment too.

How similar things look to me today, even in a very different world.  I had a long piece prepared, going further into current issues, but they have been very much covered in recent days and I would risk becoming a squeaky wheel rather than offering an oil can. So that piece is held back.

Although we have comparable issues today, we can look back with great pride at what the wider informed passenger and passenger-aware professionals have achieved.  Many issues remain, but many have not got worse where they could have done, and im many areas things have greatly improved.

If you are a new reader, please take a look around, sign up, comment, join us - we're still needed and going to be around a while yet.  And, just occasionally, we have achieved that original and still-valid objective.

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