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Title: Across the West
Post by: grahame on October 28, 2007, 11:01:15 pm
Across the West is now on top of the forum as one of the most popular boards here - it's intended for general posts concerning issues right across the FGW area.   But, PLEASE, can you use the other boards just below where they're appropriate.  They are ....

News, Help & Assistance (
Board includes useful links / forum agreement / posting policy and much more!

Who's who on western railways (
(Names, Contacts, responsibilities)

Smoke and Mirrors (
(Examples of being bounced from person to person with no-one taking responsibility ... very much the sort of thing we've had on the TransWilts campaign where everyone would love to help ... but points to the next person around the circle!)

Fare's Fair (
(Which is the best fare?  How can you do better?  What are the ticket types?)

Other ways to travel (
(Anything from the new catamaran service across the Bristol Channel to SWT!)

Your rights and redress (
(What you can do if something goes wrong - for example, if the train on which you have a "this train ONLY" ticket is cancelled ...)

Title: Re: Across the West
Post by: grahame on January 01, 2008, 01:18:42 pm
Another place you might like to look - how trains are running across the West - cancellations and short workings reported in the last 48 hours. (

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