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1  All across the Great Western territory / Across the West / Re: Great Western Railway: on-board catering, buffets, Travelling Chef, Pullman - ongoing discussion on: Yesterday at 09:18:27 pm

I travel less these days, partly because of the new trains. I am not fit enough to stand for a long journey if the train is half length, and booking a seat is of limited help since the reservations don't work reliably, and are void if the train is half length.
On my most recent trip to London, the Pullman failed to appear.

I look forward to a Pullman meal, but opportunities are limited these days.
I was considering a London trip today, rather glad that I did not looking at journey check.

What a sad (but totally accurate) reflection on the appalling service that GWR is presently doling out to its "customers".
2  Sideshoots - associated subjects / The Lighter Side / Re: Annoying / amusing use of completely irrelevant stock photos to illustrate press articles on: June 23, 2019, 08:00:53 pm
While you and Finn have been touring the frozen wastes, Virgin have switched to battery power. (8,5 million AAA cells, changed at each stop.)

Sorry, but Mercedes beat Virgin to it !!!
3  Sideshoots - associated subjects / The Lighter Side / The wrong type of slug ?? on: June 22, 2019, 12:09:49 pm
4  All across the Great Western territory / Who's who on Western railways / Brunel & Betjeman on: June 22, 2019, 12:05:28 pm
There is a long script, printed for the very first time, from a 1966 BBC broadcast written by John Betjeman about Brunel in today's Daily Telegraph Review; pages 8 - 9. Worth a read if you have access to The Telegraph. Accompanied by a 1939 painting of Brunel's GWR, shown below Westbury White Horse.
5  Sideshoots - associated subjects / The Lighter Side / Re: Annoying / amusing use of completely irrelevant stock photos to illustrate press articles on: June 21, 2019, 07:34:08 pm
I can perhaps understand a 16 year old trainee (pun not intended !) pulling out any old stock photo to illustrate a railways story in the Bognor Bugle ....but my postman brought me the latest Railway Touring Company brochure this morning - am I being a little too hopeful in expecting slightly higher standards there ?

We have a train passing by the Dorset Mountains on its way to Swanage - on another page the same train is passing the same mountains on its way to Par.
Then we have a train passing cloud shrouded mountains on its way from Norwich to Cheshire - incredibly, the same mountains seem to be passed en route from Swanage to Bristol.
Then there is the Kings Cross to Newcastle excursion down the ECML shown passing through Garsdale (S & C I think !) - I recognise the dog there !
There is the same train passing over the same bridge in two photos - which are both said to be in Yorkshire - but based on previous efforts they might be in Kent.

I won't go, too much, into excursions which are stated to be hauled by Loco A or B - but the photos show C or D or .......

I'm sure more learned travelers on the forum might have fun with this brochure.
6  All across the Great Western territory / Your rights and redress / Re: Compensation - this site can help on: June 20, 2019, 09:24:42 pm
Wife and daughter claimed delay repay last week.

Warminster to Ryde St John's Road. Warminster to Portsmouth Harbour train 27 mins late. Missed ferry - ferry hourly service. Claimed for one hour delay.
Rejected by GWR - saying delay was less than 15 mins HuhHuh
Contested rejection (I supplied details from RTT) - 60 min delay paid - full refund of Single trip.Trip was actually split ticketing - 3 tickets used. I thought that might be a problem, but apparently not.
The whole episode only took 7 days - so the speed of the system seems OK - just the initial outcome.

On Monday I posted 4 Advance tickets to GWR (freepost address) requesting a refund as my booked train, WMN to WAT (and ret), was to be cancelled on Wednesday due to SWR strike. Got email this morning saying money would be with me in 5 days. No complaints there.

7  Sideshoots - associated subjects / Preserved railway lines, Railtours and other rail based attractions / Re: Newly restored "Flying Scotsman" back in service - ongoing discussion on: June 17, 2019, 09:27:40 pm
That's a pet hate of mine too !

THE............ Salisbury Plain
THE............ HMSNonsuch
....................................aaargh !
8  All across the Great Western territory / Across the West / Re: Shortage of train crews on Great Western Railway since September 2017 - ongoing discussion on: June 17, 2019, 09:15:42 pm
Too many drivers -   I don't believe that !

9  All across the Great Western territory / Across the West / Re: IETs into passenger service from 16 Oct 2017 and subsequent performance issues on: June 09, 2019, 09:13:20 pm
180s more reliable than IETs?!?  Certainly not from my recollection and I see one caught fire just the other day.   Wink

Well - in my recollection there didn't seem to be that many 10 car 180s appearing as a 5 car 180 ?  That seems to be well up the list of complaints about the IETs.  Perhaps the 180s  were so unreliable that GWR had a good stock of spares ..    Wink
10  All across the Great Western territory / Across the West / Re: IETs into passenger service from 16 Oct 2017 and subsequent performance issues on: June 08, 2019, 08:01:27 pm
What do I find to be the most telling aspect of these 5 car IETs ?   ...................... I was a regular traveller between Chippenham & Paddington when the Class 180s were being introduced into service - all the problems the 5 car IETs are exhibiting were clearly signposted by the 180s. Except perhaps that the 180s did seem to be slightly more mechanically reliable than the IETs !
Definition of Lunacy:- doing exactly the same thing and expecting a different outcome ...
11  Sideshoots - associated subjects / The Lighter Side / Re: What would YOU put into railway / travel room 101?? on: June 06, 2019, 06:43:01 pm
 Any announcement from a TOC promising new/better/longer/faster/cleaner/roomier/more frequent/buffet fitted trains from the next timetable start.
12  Journey by Journey / Plymouth and Cornwall / Re: St.Erth Park and Ride on: June 06, 2019, 06:39:02 pm
This may be a silly question.....but why didn't they move the buffet side platform over and extend that to full length ?  Then you could have had passengers boarding one side and leaving the train from the other side - (at the same time ?). One way traffic on each platform.
13  All across the Great Western territory / Across the West / Re: IETs into passenger service from 16 Oct 2017 and subsequent performance issues on: June 06, 2019, 06:21:59 pm

This is not the level of customer service that passengers expect and deserve in 2019.

 Sad Sad
14  Journey by Journey / Wales local journeys / Re: M4 relief road cancelled on: June 04, 2019, 03:07:57 pm
1.4BN, not 14BN.

In reality there probably isn't a mechanism by which this 'money' could be diverted elsewhere,

I thought that I had seen somewhere that the money "saved" on not building the A350 Westbury bypass went towards the re-doubling of the Swindon/Kemble rail line.
15  All across the Great Western territory / Across the West / Re: IETs into passenger service from 16 Oct 2017 and subsequent performance issues on: May 31, 2019, 02:33:53 pm
Another short form today. This one requiring police attendance.

Totally unacceptable GWR.

What I find even worse than the treatment meted out to the passengers who were trying to travel on this train - is the flippant (in case GWR don't know what this means: frivolously disrespectful, shallow, or lacking in seriousness)  way in which GWR respond to the totally justified complaints: I quote:............

"Thank you. Sorry to hear this. This is due to maintenance requirements. I appreciate that this makes for an uncomfortable journey - Brad"

What a disgraceful way to respond !!!!!         Do GWR actually pay someone to issue this tripe Huh         Do they consider this to be an adequate response ?          Does "Brad" think he is doing a good job ?
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