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1  All across the Great Western territory / Your rights and redress / Re: Delayed Railcard on: October 04, 2021, 04:41:38 pm
Well, the Disabled Railcard was delivered today, nine days after it was supposed to have been dispatched.  The envelope isn't franked with a date to confirm this.  Husband and I are pleased to have it (the card covers the two of us) so will cease our whingeing.
2  All across the Great Western territory / Your rights and redress / Re: Delayed Railcard on: October 03, 2021, 11:06:21 am
Many thanks to those who have replied to my query.  I did phone Passenger Assist at Great Western Railway and Cross Country, the belt and braces approach, to ask about excessing.  Both told me to do it on the train via the train manager, should the Disabled Railcard not turn up.  GWR (Great Western Railway) couldn't tell me what type of fare we would have to excess to (an anytime single?) and XC (Cross Country Trains (franchise)) said it couldn't be an advance fare, which our current tickets are.

I don't have a smart phone to have downloaded the railcard to, on the grounds that we are not out much to need one, but perhaps I shall have to reconsider my possibly pig-headed stance.

3  All across the Great Western territory / Your rights and redress / Delayed Railcard on: October 01, 2021, 11:12:08 pm
My husband's (plastic) Disabled Railcard was dispatched on Saturday 25 September and has not arrived by today, Friday 1 October.  I phoned Disabled Railcard this afternoon to be told to wait seven working days, not five as stated, and to phone back on Tuesday 5th.  We travel on Monday 11th.  I was also told that if a replacement were sent by Special Delivery, it would be at my expense, and I think the cost was £6.85.  You can imagine that I was none too pleased.

The railcard might turn up tomorrow, and the problem will be solved, but does anyone have any suggestions to make, while I wait for Tuesday?

4  Journey by Journey / Bristol (WECA) Commuters / Re: Bristol Temple Meads Station redevelopment on: May 09, 2021, 09:02:14 pm
Thanks, Bob.  I suppose it's a toss up between booking early to get a cheap fare and waiting for the amended timetable, with details of direct trains going via Bristol Parkway, to be published.
5  Journey by Journey / Bristol (WECA) Commuters / Re: Bristol Temple Meads Station redevelopment on: May 09, 2021, 02:29:00 pm
We are meeting a friend in Bristol in August, during the disruption at Temple Meads Station.  She will be travelling from London Paddington on Monday 16 August, and reservations are already open for week commencing 2 August.  I think, in order to get a cheap, advanced purchase ticket, that she will have to book early and assume that her journey will be OK.  Do you think it best to book a direct train, which means that the journey from Bath Spa to Bristol Temple Meads will be by replacement bus?  On the way back, on Thursday 19th, should she aim for the same direct journey?  I wasn't sure if the disruption between Bristol and Bath would have a knock-on effect at Bristol Parkway (delayed train up, missed connection etc) and if it would just cause complications to go via BPW» (Bristol Parkway - next trains).

6  All across the Great Western territory / Introductions and chat / Re: Travel with an owl on: May 23, 2019, 02:12:10 pm
Isambird's experience as a wheelchair traveller and Grahame's as his companion prompt me to write about our experience of the same (husband in wheelchair, self as travelling companion). Overall our journeys have gone well, although they were only short and direct ie to Bristol and Torquay from Taunton. I am more than happy to let the platform staff push my husband up steep ramps or battle their way through a crowded vestibule. Most of the problems encountered are outwith their control - the locked, accessible toilet; luggage left in the wheelchair space; high spring tide at Dawlish, causing the whole Cross Country train to be transferred to a Great Western; one ramp at Taunton, when two wheelchairs were to be loaded into first class and standard, causing the train to leave five minutes late. In the face of such difficulties, they are (as are we) uncomplaining and resilient.

One peculiarity of the booking system is that it can't print tickets (well, as far as advance, XCountry is concerned) with the correct seat numbers for a wheelchair user and companion so you have to refer to the Passenger Assist email for verification.   
7  Journey by Journey / London to the West / Re: Connections into West of England expresses at Westbury and Castle Cary on: August 09, 2017, 09:15:56 am

Would the situation be different if for instance one of the connecting passengers was in a wheelchair ... ?

I can confirm that GWR (Great Western Railway) did hold a train on Sunday to allow my husband in a wheelchair to board.  On the 6th, a person was hit by a train in the Exeter St Thomas area and services up to Taunton were subject to long delays.  Quoting from Realtime trains, our Cross Country train (service to Aberdeen) arrived into Bristol Parkway at 12.15.  The GWR Paddington to Swansea service, which we were changing to, arrived, slightly late, at 12.16.  It should have stopped for two minutes but the platform staff, who were all the time in mobile communication with ?, whizzed us over, and the train departed at 12.20.  The wait, otherwise, would have been one hour.  We had also booked Passenger Assistance through the normal channels.

Once on the train, the manager announced that the service had been delayed at Reading or thereabouts AND by a passenger transferring platforms to this train so our card was well and truly marked.  Then, further announcement that we should make ourselves known to the TM(resolve) (so that we could be helped at Swansea).  We were lucky and couldn't have got a better service.

There was further slow running into Wales but the train still arrived at Swansea only one minute late.
8  All across the Great Western territory / Fare's Fair / Re: Maiden Newton-Dorchester Stations fare on: February 17, 2017, 04:14:06 pm
Thanks, everyone, for your replies.  They were all instructive.
9  All across the Great Western territory / Fare's Fair / Re: Maiden Newton-Dorchester Stations fare on: February 15, 2017, 10:53:52 am
Thanks, Grahame, and I'll take a screenshot with me to be on the safe side.

As I was thanked by GWR (Great Western Railway) telephone sales for using Fujitsu (or words to that effect), it made me wonder whether anyone else has noticed the Japanese? characters that break through on the GWR home page, when it's first opened and the stations are loading.  (I seem unable to insert a relevant screenshot.)  They disappear after a few seconds and I take them to be benign (rather than Chinese malware!).  Another of life's little mysteries, when negotiating GWR.
10  All across the Great Western territory / Fare's Fair / Maiden Newton-Dorchester Stations fare on: February 14, 2017, 08:48:07 pm
I've just bought online a ticket that GWR (Great Western Railway) retail ticket sales (aka Fujitsu) was unable to sell me.  The route was Maiden Newton to Dorchester South via Weymouth and the cost £2.40 (Anytime Day Single with a Railcard). According to the second person at GWR that I spoke to, the route was doubling back on itself, and the ticket shouldn't have been allowed. 

I may well get off at Dorchester West and walk to Dorchester South Station, so I recognise that I'm being awkward.  However, the ticket was available, at no extra cost to me, so I took it.  But is it valid?

11  Journey by Journey / Heart of Wessex / Re: Castle Cary Station's barrow crossing on: February 14, 2017, 08:01:27 am
Thanks, Grahame, for your explanation that a signalman gives the all clear to use a station (barrow) crossing, and that it's not just left to the platform staff to decide.  I'll put best foot forward, if we are offered that option.
12  Journey by Journey / Heart of Wessex / Castle Cary Station's barrow crossing on: February 13, 2017, 04:59:55 pm
We plan to travel from Taunton to Dorchester, changing at Castle Cary, as that will give us the quickest journey.  My husband uses a wheelchair, although he can walk, so are the station staff, who will know of our arrival, likely to take us across the track via the barrow crossing? Should I be delighted by this novelty or scared witless, having read of the near miss at the level crossing at Thorney Marsh Lane?

We intend travelling on a Friday (the 09.21 departure from Taunton), when Castle Cary Station is manned.

13  Journey by Journey / London to Swindon and Bristol / Re: Bath Spa Station on: December 12, 2016, 09:13:56 am
Thank you, gentlemen, for your helpful replies.  My confusion must be to do with my faulty memory and the greater risk of stepping down than up.  On our previous visit, when we would have come into the eastbound platform 2, it seemed that the gap was wide, as well as the step being high.  Clearly it wasn't, as it's platform 1 westbound, which has the problem.  Anyway, I'm going to ask for the first time for the ramp, as we do travel with a folded wheelchair, and will put the getting off/on into the hands of the platform staff. 
14  Journey by Journey / London to Swindon and Bristol / Bath Spa Station on: December 11, 2016, 11:32:22 am
Does anyone know which is the westbound platform at Bath, as in,"the westbound platform has a severe step between the train and the platform from the front 3 train carriages".  (Description taken from National Rail's "Stations and Destinations" webpage).  I and elderly husband will be alighting from coach L at Bath on a Paddington-bound train and returning in coach L for Taunton.  I am just wondering how severe this step is.  Would it be National Rail that I should contact to ask to have the description amended to platform X or Y, as, to me at least, westbound is not helpful.
15  All across the Great Western territory / Fare's Fair / Re: HST Seating diagram on: October 01, 2016, 09:35:01 am
1st class were renumbered last September to be the same configuration as Standard. 

What a wonderful forum.  Instant answers.  Thank you, Plymothian, and now RichWarwicker, who's read my mind as to which seats are round a table for 4.  Hopefully there are still some advance tickets available, now that I am forearmed with all the info.
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