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 17/12/2018 - Removal of Severn Bridge Tolls
22/12/2018 - Christmas service changes
04/01/2019 - Look forward - 2019 Severnside
07/01/2019 - JSP consultation closes
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December 15, 2018, 08:49:51 pm *
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1  All across the Great Western territory / Fare's Fair / Devon/Oxford Evening Rangers withdrawn from January on: December 07, 2018, 11:35:32 am
From January, the Devon Evening Ranger and the Oxford Evening Out Ranger are being withdrawn from sale. 

At the same time the use of a CDR as a replacement for the withdrawn Devon and Cornwall branchline rangers is being stopped.
2  All across the Great Western territory / Your rights and redress / Re: Rail Ombudsman launched - 26th November 2018 on: December 01, 2018, 08:55:51 am
From Mark Hopwood in a staff briefing.  Not sure if itís straight to the 15 minute version though.

Mark Hopwood and communication in the same sentence? I feel sick.

I expect it was a virtual Mark Hopwood, or a hologram.......or maybe via a note shoved out from under the Boardroom door?

GWR Connect issue w/c 25 November:

Early next year weíll go live with Delay Repay, the national scheme that train companies use to compensate customers for unexpected delays or cancellations. Itís all part of an industry-wide plan to improve customer experience on the railway Ė and will make the often-complex process for making a claim clearer, helping us find quicker resolutions for customers. This is something that we know from our GEMs training is key to customer excellence, and more information about the scheme will follow.


This week a new ombudsman launched, which will give rail passengers a fast track for complaints. Itís good news for customers, who will now have an official body to escalate complaints on their behalf.
3  All across the Great Western territory / Buses and other ways to travel / Re: Time for a new generation of integrated transport on: November 20, 2018, 08:23:22 pm
The UK will never have integrated public transport for the reasons that everyone must compete against each other to prove their worth.
4  All across the Great Western territory / Across the West / Re: Defective on-train PA systems on: November 15, 2018, 04:58:34 pm
[u=]This train is obsessed with toilets[/u]
5  Sideshoots - associated subjects / The Lighter Side / Re: Bumper picture quiz - November 2018. on: November 10, 2018, 06:22:53 am
5. Weston-super-Mare
6  Journey by Journey / London to the West / Re: Dawlish closures - November 2018 on: November 09, 2018, 08:10:08 pm
And now we have the situation of passengers complaining that not enough is being done and there's been no warning.  Undecided
7  Journey by Journey / London to the West / Re: Dawlish closures - November 2018 on: November 09, 2018, 01:46:04 pm
Code black (total shutdown) was supposed to be implemented but due to a change in forecast, workings have been revised.
8  Journey by Journey / London to the West / Re: Dawlish closures - November 2018 on: November 08, 2018, 08:09:36 pm
National Rail tweeted this afternoon that there will be another complete closure to traffic tomorrow afternoon/early evening.

I'm not sure if they've jumped the gun as nothing has come from Network Rail, GWR or Crosscountry yet, but be warned in case.
9  Journey by Journey / London to the West / Dawlish closures - November 2018 on: November 06, 2018, 06:53:58 pm
Due to forecast severe weather, Network Rail have taken the decision to close the line between Exeter St David's and Newton Abbot to all traffic from 12midnight to 12noon to enable them to complete a full inspection before opening.

GWR will operate RRB between Exeter SD and Newton Abbot, whilst XC will operate an RRB between Tiverton and Plymouth.

The line between #ExeterStDavids and #NewtonAbbot is expected to be closed from the start of service until approximately 1200 tomorrow. Network Rail has advised that Dawlish sea wall will not be passable until the line is fully inspected.

Risk aversion and a sign of things to come?
10  Journey by Journey / Bristol Commuters / Re: Single door at Freshford?? on: October 31, 2018, 07:49:40 pm
Because the default train should be 5 carriages long and the auto CIS applies the warning to all trains?

The same happens at all "short" platforms no matter if the train fits eg a 2 car trains fits at St James Park towards Exmouth, but all trains are announced as front carriage only.
11  All across the Great Western territory / Fare's Fair / Re: Smartcards across the GWR network. on: October 26, 2018, 08:58:12 pm
At the moment there is little chance of a PAYG 'Oyster' arrangement on National Rail, not until either a very simplification of fares or a complete rewrite by the DfT even though the DfT eventually want it.  The current thought is the possibility of "self contained" branch lines having a PAYG scheme.

An analogy of 'touch' is that it is the equivalent of holding a blank CCST ticket; it has no validity until something is encoded on to it.

Passengers will be able to buy tickets at a ticket office, online or from a TVM (and eventually on board) and have the option to them loaded on to a smart card instead of a CCST or PRT ticket.  It is only the medium on which the ticket is held that is changing.  The ticket will still carry the same validity as if it were printed on a piece of card; it's just electronic on a piece of plastic instead.

For Gold Card holders, at the moment, you will still need to carry a separate Gold Card Record card as this is an RDG requirement.  Likewise, period ticket holders must have a photocard as that is still an RDG requirement.  And until this changes GWR are working on compromises.  There currently exists the ability of railcards etc being linked to cards but until the RDG change it's legal requirements, it cannot be done.

GWR is going above and beyond what other TOCs are doing to meet the requirement for having smart ticketing and they way they are planning on doing it is more passenger friendly.
12  All across the Great Western territory / Fare's Fair / Re: Smartcards across the GWR network. on: October 26, 2018, 03:41:48 pm
GWR touch will be in place from the end of this year after a soft not publicised launch. 

Initially it will be only available if travelling between 21 major gated stations plus the Severn Beach line, but during 2019 will be rolled across the network.

To start with only weekly tickets will be available on smart, but will expand to monthly and more than monthly though to annual, and then (hopefully) other products (cough... waiting on TfL agreement... cough).

This is a DfT requirement that all TOCs must provide a smart option to their customers. 
13  All across the Great Western territory / Fare's Fair / Re: Use of senior railcards at peak times on: October 22, 2018, 07:51:22 pm
First off there is no such thing as a morning peak.   
Peak times are determined by the ticket, and its restriction code.

For example your Exeter St Thomas - Sailsbury conundrum.   An Exeter St David's - Sailsbury off peak ticket has a UQ restriction which is not valid after 04.29 and before 0845 except for departures from Exeter St David's to London Waterloo at 0730 (and all later services) meaning it's valid on the 08.25 but also has an additional easement of allowing travel the 07.25.  Therefore effectively can be used from 07.25 (on a "peak" train).

If the person wanted to travel before 07.25 they would have to hold an Exeter St Thomas - Sailsbury discounted ticket as St Thomas is not in the L&SE area but because starting late may be allowed (as a 'break of journey') so they could join at St David's or Central instead.

Long as short - consult National Rail Enquiries to see what's valid when!
14  Journey by Journey / Shorter journeys in Devon / Re: Sinkhole at Newton Abbot - main line closed 14/10/18 on: October 15, 2018, 06:23:23 am
Line was handed back early hours of this morning with a 20mph speed limit.
15  Journey by Journey / Shorter journeys in Devon / Re: Sinkhole at Newton Abbot - main line closed 14/10/18 on: October 14, 2018, 08:12:59 am

trying to share a picture bit flickr won't play ball
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