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New and continued public topics from 1 Oct 2021 to date
Introductions and chatThree stories from today11 Oct 2021
-Re: Man from Humberside hoards model railway rolling stock 2 Oct 2021
Fare's FairAdditional fare payable20 Oct 2021
-TfL ticketing14 Oct 2021
-"No tickets available" - Melksham to Didcot14 Oct 2021
-Sleeper Fares 9 Oct 2021
-Purchasing London Travelcards online 4 Oct 2021
-Best fare option? 2 Oct 2021
-Re: Basingstoke-Penzance Cheaper Routes 1 Oct 2021
-Re: GWR Smartcard - purchase non-season tickets?14 Oct 2021
-Re: Fare rises for 202216 Oct 2021
Buses and other ways to travelMelksham Town Bus Service Down To 1 Vehicle (21 & 22/10/2021)21 Oct 2021
-Two seperate bus storys from Devonshire18 Oct 2021
-Wiltshire Bus Service Improvement Plan - October 202112 Oct 2021
-Somerset Bus Service Improvement Plan - October 202112 Oct 2021
-WECA Bus Service Improvement Plan - October 202112 Oct 2021
-Running the buses with the trains - 100 years out of date, or time for a rebirth 3 Oct 2021
-Re: Lorry driver crisis made worse by Covid - Shapps 3 Oct 2021
Your rights and redressDelayed Railcard 1 Oct 2021
-Re: Answering Consultations - do you? - is it worth it? 2 Oct 2021
London to ReadingMore trains Reading to Basingstoke on the weekend?16 Oct 2021
-Reading Trainspotting16 Oct 2021
-Re: The end of an era - or at least a gas holder 3 Oct 2021
-Re: Oyster - end of the line?15 Oct 2021
London to Didcot, Oxford and BanburyRe: Trimode cl 769 to operate Reading to Oxford and Gatwick.19 Oct 2021
London to the WestCastle Cary plans for new homes 20 Oct 2021
-Long Rock Depot19 Oct 2021
-648Y14 Oct 2021
-Plymouth-Penzance Rolling Stock 6 Oct 2021
-Passengers "mutiny"....... 4 Oct 2021
Thames Valley BranchesRe: Reading Green Park11 Oct 2021
London to the CotswoldsRe: Cotswold Line - 2021 Delays and Cancellations 5 Oct 2021
-Re: Pershore Station Developments 9 Oct 2021
-Re: North Cotswold Line - A Selection of Images 7 Oct 2021
TransWilts lineRe: 2021 - TransWilts cancellation and amendment log 1 Oct 2021
Heart of WessexNew halt at Frampton and Grimstone 9 Oct 2021
Bristol (WECA) CommutersSevernNet Transport Charter - Portbury, Avonmouth and Severnside21 Oct 2021
-WECA meeting four councils not gonna turn up 15 Oct 2021
-North Filton station 5 Oct 2021
-Brunel Statue 2 Oct 2021
-Re: Flat pack footbridge from Network Rail 7 Oct 2021
-Re: Bristol TM - Severn Beach, December 202115 Oct 2021
-Re: Bristol Temple Meads Station redevelopment 3 Oct 2021
Wales local journeysRe: Pacers are no more. 9 Oct 2021
-Re: Barmouth Bridge - major refurbishment13 Oct 2021
Shorter journeys in DevonStarcross17 Oct 2021
-Re: Okehampton10 Oct 2021
-Re: Marsh Barton Station21 Oct 2021
Plymouth and CornwallRe: Plymouth Station - refurbishment, improvements, timetable changes, events and incidents (merged 2 Oct 2021
Across the WestWhat is a reasonable connection?21 Oct 2021
-Loss of refreshment facilities at stations12 Oct 2021
-GWR IET refreshment trolley10 Oct 2021
-Paper timetables across the network 9 Oct 2021
-lorry transporting train( I think it should say Engine) has broken down 8 Oct 2021
-new sign for BTM area 7 Oct 2021
-Re: December Timetables 4 Oct 2021
-Re: Problems with IET trains from April 202111 Oct 2021
-Re: Aberthaw Power Station and Decarbonisation 1 Oct 2021
-Re: Shortage of train crews on Great Western Railway since September 2017 - ongoing discussion 2 Oct 2021
-Re: Great Western Main Line electrification - ongoing discussion 2 Oct 2021
-Re: GWR Performance Figures11 Oct 2021
-Re: Infrastructure problems in Thames Valley causing disruption elsewhere - ongoing, since Oct 201414 Oct 2021
Campaigns for new and improved servicesRe: DfT sifts 60 new rail plans17 Oct 2021
-Re: Portishead Line reopening for passengers - ongoing discussion17 Oct 2021
News, Help and AssistanceSearch Function 7 Oct 2021
-Status Page - if you are having access problems 2 Oct 2021
The Lighter SideWhere am I (grahame) today (17 Oct 2021)?17 Oct 2021
-Where were PhilWakely and bignosemac yesterday, 13th October 202114 Oct 2021
-Where was Red Squirrel - 11 Oct 202112 Oct 2021
-Where was I today?11 Oct 2021
-Where were Finn and bignosemac, Autumn 2021? 3 Oct 2021
-Re: Through the window - but where was I? 3 Oct 2021
-Re: Annoying / amusing use of completely irrelevant stock photos to illustrate press articles 9 Oct 2021
Diary - what's happening when?Announcement of AGM to all members14 Oct 2021
-AGM - 16th October 2021 - at Didcot, with guest speaker Mark Hopwood 4 Oct 2021
-Re: Railfuture (Severnside) branch meetings 4 Oct 2021
-Re: Extinction Rebellion UK - May 202013 Oct 2021
The Wider Picture - related rail and other transport issues Birmingham to become a super-sized low-traffic neighbourhood 5 Oct 2021
Swindon to Gloucester / CheltenhamGloucester area Signal upgrade 12 Oct 2021
Looking forward - after Coronavirus to 2045The passengers are BACK!17 Oct 2021
-Staff reductions - London Area13 Oct 2021
-For once, a new way of rail-head cleaning 4 Oct 2021
-Re: Return of restrictions next month? 2 Oct 2021
-Re: UK government's Transport decarbonisation plan 19 Oct 2021
-Re: Patterns of returning passengers? 1 Oct 2021
-Re: Porkway Partway14 Oct 2021
South Western servicesMEETING (20.10.2021) report - Bristol to Waterloo21 Oct 2021
-Southern to re-furbish some of its trains 12 Oct 2021
-New Evening Out fare still not widely known about11 Oct 2021
-Templecombe Signal Box. Should it be listed? 9 Oct 2021
-SWR Services to Reading 8 Oct 2021
-20th October 2021 - Special Rail Users meeting, Trowbridge, on "The Waterloos" 2 Oct 2021
-Re: South Western Railways Waterloo - Bristol services axed 1 Oct 2021
-Re: Isle of Wight futures. 5 Oct 2021
Transport for LondonTrain crash Enfield Town, two injured. 12th October 202112 Oct 2021
-Re: Crossrail - further delay 14 Oct 2021
Heritage railway lines, Railtours, other rail based attractionsRe: The Great Robertsbridge Train Robbery 6 Oct 2021
-Re: West Somerset Railway - heritage line, Bishops Lydeard to Minehead - merged topic, ongoing discu 3 Oct 2021
Broadcast media about railways, and other means of transportRISK OF DAMAGE - BBC Points West, Breakfast Time, 20th October 202119 Oct 2021
-Re: Buses on "Endeavour" - 27 Sept10 Oct 2021
Active travel: Cyclists and walkers, including how the railways deal with themNCN 41 - Lias Line 6 Oct 2021
The Wider Picture in the United KingdomClass action v South Eastern & SW Trains.20 Oct 2021
-Electricity price rise threatens rail freight?12 Oct 2021
-Where is the Bicester (village) level crossing controlled from?12 Oct 2021
-Very Light Rail demonstration model at Ironbridge10 Oct 2021
-Harrow & Wealdstone 8th October 1952 & Nursing Lieutenant Abbie Sweetwine. 8 Oct 2021
-A home for Great British Railways 4 Oct 2021
-"Mutiny" on the train 4 Oct 2021
-Poor air quality levels on some diesel trains 2 Oct 2021
-Re: "‘the worst train service in the UK" 1 Oct 2021
-Re: Southeastern accused of acting "in bad faith" by DfT 6 Oct 2021
-Re: Storing petrol 3 Oct 2021
-Re: Railway bridges struck by road vehicles - merged topic, ongoing discussion 2 Oct 2021
The Wider Picture Overseas"Three migrants killed by French train"12 Oct 2021
Member ServicesTuesday Club - 12 Oct 2021, 16:00 - "The Waterloo" special 7 Oct 2021
-Re: SWR Consultation for December 2022 - for members only15 Oct 2021
Railway History and related topicsFormer BR WR Chief Mechanical & Electrical Engineer - RIP14 Oct 2021
-New TV Series - Hornby: A Model World10 Oct 2021
-Re: Horse drawn stagecoach to Minehead. 6 Oct 2021
-Re: New board - for history and models 4 Oct 2021

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[*] Portishead Line reopening for passengers - ongoing discussion
[*] Additional fare payable
[*] Trimode cl 769 to operate Reading to Oxford and Gatwick.
[*] Isle of Wight futures.
[*] RISK OF DAMAGE - BBC Points West, Breakfast Time, 20th October 2021
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