Upcoming Calendar

23/09/2018Somerset Consultation closes
24/09/2018Bus consultation closes
24/09/2018RCTS / Windsor & Maidenhead
28/09/2018Ask a stupid question day
29/09/2018IWA AGM Stonehouse
01/10/2018Access for all bids close
02/10/2018PWI - Wessex Route Challenges
04/10/2018ACoRP Awards / gala dinner
06/10/2018TWSW General meeting
09/10/2018Exeter- Exeter via PLY at PEW!
10/10/2018Campaign for New Homes
10/10/2018George Bradshaw - RCTS Cardiff
13/10/2018Arriva Trains Wales - last day
14/10/2018KeolisAmey - Welsh franchise
17/10/2018Melksham RUG
17/10/2018Digital Railway - Swindon
18/10/2018Friends of Bridgwater Station
18/10/2018TW NorthWest / Liverpool
29/10/2018Avocet line AGM
31/10/2018CCIF Applications close
06/11/2018Talk Oxford / 800 intro
10/11/2018RailFuture National Conference
13/11/2018PEW, Wolmar, to edge of world
14/11/2018First Bath Bus panel
15/11/2018WWRUG - Westbury
16/11/2018TWSW AGM
21/11/2018Consultation end - Angel Road
26/11/2018TransWilts Board and Members
11/12/2018PEW / Broad Gauge (1)
09/02/2019Coffee Shop Constitution
02/03/2019TravelWatch SouthWest
27/04/2019TransWilts AGM
15/05/2019Community Rail in the City