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Active and recent polls
Airport closure (Doncaster) - what to you think?ACTIVE to 04/10 08:15
What is suppressing your train use?Closed 2022-08-19
Who would be the best next prime minister for YOU on the transport agenda?Closed 2022-07-27
Do you plan more or less train travel than normal this summer?Closed 2022-08-04
Do you love the puzzle of challenge of working out your journey times and costClosed 2022-07-14
Official public vote between 6 places - but where would you choose?Closed 2022-07-12
Have you used a Flexi season? Might you in the future?Closed 2022-07-05
If someone really needed your immediate help, would you give it?Closed 2022-06-29
Could you manage with just a "carry on" for a week's holidayClosed 2022-06-09
Do you own any old British Railways station totemsClosed 2022-04-03
Of your journeys by train in the last FIVE years, what percentage involved a change of train along the way?Closed 2022-03-10
Would you use a replacementClosed 2022-03-07
Which of these do you use regularly for grocery shopping?Closed 2022-02-27
Have you travelled on The Ghan?Closed 2022-02-07
How strong do you like your coffee?Closed 2022-01-17
Where shall we meet next year?Closed 2021-12-27
Which day ranger is best?Closed 2021-12-19
Are they OK as is, or should I change them?Closed 2021-12-19
Which FIVE of these would you like to see as the next 5 to get a regular national rail passenger service back?Closed 2021-11-27
What is your the maximum reasonable wait for a connecting service on a regional journey?Closed 2021-10-26
Do you think there should be more trains Reading to Basingstoke on the weekend?Closed 2021-10-30
Should we cover (any) model railway issues on the forum?Closed 2021-10-01
Which of the following apply to YOU concerning consultations?Closed 2021-09-29
What do you think is the real reason that SWR's Bristol service is slated for withdrawal in December?Closed 2021-09-12
Which of these electric personal vehicles would you use (if road legal)?Closed 2021-09-14
Which (choose up to 6) ticket types will you use for most of your train journeys in 2022?Closed 2021-08-10
On platform announcements - are there too manyClosed 2021-08-04
Will YOU wear a mask when using public transport after 19th July?Closed 2021-07-10
Which of these are significant stumbling blocks putting people off coming to use trains?Closed 2021-07-12
Coffee Shop AGM - location / Didcot Area / Saturday afternoon. Which could you make?Closed 2021-07-03
Are there too many on train announcements?Closed 2021-07-03
Have you cruised?Closed 2021-06-26
Do you have a neighbourhood plan for your area?Closed 2021-06-19
How many dogs do you have living with you?Closed 2021-06-08
Should Wightlink Ferries Become Part of Great British Railways?Closed 2021-06-06
What should the base colour(s) of the new livery for GBR be?Closed 2021-05-24
It looks like the new body to administer rail will be called 'Great British Railways'. What do members think of this name?Closed 2021-06-01
Have you had a coronavirus vaccination? Which one? One of two?Closed 2021-05-17
When do you expect GWR IETs to return to full availability.Closed 2021-06-08
When do you expect GWR long distance services will be back to near (90%) normal?Closed 2021-05-12
How often have you visited Scotland?Closed 2021-04-23
Have you visited Northern Ireland?Closed 2021-04-18
Have you posted polls to the Coffee Shop?Closed 2021-03-28
What do you think of the new Class 769 Fleet?Closed 2021-03-26
What's the most scenic cornish branch line in your opinion?Closed 2021-03-22
When it becomes reasonable to commute again, what do you expect to do?Closed 2021-03-10
What would you call the new "Network Rail"Closed 2021-03-03
Do you think the line from Cardiff-Swansea should be electrified for the IETs?Closed 2021-03-01
What train do you think is most suitable for this route?Closed 2021-02-25
Do you think GWR should run a Cardiff Central service as well as Swansea?Closed 2021-02-25

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