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Active and recent polls
Easter Escape - to where?Closed 2024-03-25
Should our rail network go cashlessClosed 2024-03-16
Do you agree with Simon CalderClosed 2024-01-28
What is your view of talking on trains?Closed 2024-01-28
Why so little South West NewsClosed 2023-12-26
What are you doing for ChristmasClosed 2023-12-24
What should the future be for "Flying Scotsman"Closed 2023-12-19
On our maps, what colour do you prefer for partially running serices?Closed 2023-12-15
Should passengers be allowed to eat on the train?Closed 2023-11-27
Christian Wolmar - "Railways in a state of crisis"Closed 2023-10-22
Is this art?Closed 2023-10-17
What is your favourite form of public transportClosed 2023-10-12
When you get off a bus, do you:Closed 2023-10-02
Should bus heritage / history topics be covered on the Coffee Shop?Closed 2023-10-01
Which of these - if any - reflect your rail us?Closed 2023-08-29
Why did / would you go to the Imber bus running dayClosed 2023-08-25
Which of these is THE most important thing for the rail industry to resolve?Closed 2023-08-18
Which of the following would you agree with (batch 1) Closed 2023-07-10
Heritage posts - area to cover?Closed 2023-07-13
Do you use the WiFi service offered on trains you useClosed 2023-07-04
Love it or hate it?Closed 2023-06-12
How are train strikes affecting you?Closed 2023-06-06
Have you ever been unable to see images in a post even if others are commenting on them?Closed 2023-05-16
Would you share with a hungry child?Closed 2023-05-04
Do you think we should introduce some rail services on Boxing Day?Closed 2023-04-28
Where should Paddington service run to daily - select furthest points from London to the west?Closed 2023-04-12
What GWR train has the best WIFI connectivity?Closed 2023-04-07
First Group - doing a good job?Closed 2023-03-19
Which of these extras would consider suitable for an extra charge?Closed 2023-03-05
Which are the most urgent matters that need taking up for passengersClosed 2023-02-22
If you are travelling alone, what seat do you choose?Closed 2023-02-22
Which of these have you used, International from your home stationClosed 2023-02-01
Have you added the forum to your address book or made other arrangements to ensure we stay in contact?Closed 2023-01-20
Please choose one:Closed 2023-01-12
How was YOUR Christmas Day? How will you remember Christmas 2022Closed 2022-12-28
Is it being "selfish" if you get on a bus or train a stop early to ensure there is space?Closed 2022-12-30
If you could ask Santa to restore a public national rail passenger service during 2023, where would it run to?Closed 2022-12-24
Is "Nobody with any sense would rely on the trains" a correct analysis?Closed 2022-11-06
What is the most scenic south Wales valley line?Closed 2022-11-05
Airport closure (Doncaster) - what to you think?Closed 2022-10-04
What is suppressing your train use?Closed 2022-08-19
Who would be the best next prime minister for YOU on the transport agenda?Closed 2022-07-27
Do you plan more or less train travel than normal this summer?Closed 2022-08-04
Do you love the puzzle of challenge of working out your journey times and costClosed 2022-07-14
Official public vote between 6 places - but where would you choose?Closed 2022-07-12
Have you used a Flexi season? Might you in the future?Closed 2022-07-05
If someone really needed your immediate help, would you give it?Closed 2022-06-29
Could you manage with just a "carry on" for a week's holidayClosed 2022-06-09
Do you own any old British Railways station totemsClosed 2022-04-03
Of your journeys by train in the last FIVE years, what percentage involved a change of train along the way?Closed 2022-03-10

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