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Active and recent polls
Which new station will open next, from these runnersClosed 2020-08-06
What will put you off travelling by bus in the near future?Closed 2020-07-05
How will Exeter's first train under electric power reach there?Closed 2020-07-06
What was your "last normal" picture?Closed 2020-05-24
Might you come along if "Tuesday Club" started at ...Closed 2020-05-15
Which London termini would you recommend for architecture?Closed 2020-05-02
Which of these would you recommend that friends visiting London should see?Closed 2020-04-09
Should we offer support to the transport industry and government as outlined belowClosed 2020-03-28
What things would do the old way? (select options where you like the (*) option)Closed 2020-03-01
Do you have old timetables?Closed 2020-07-05
Transport policies - who would you vote for on transport policy alone?Closed 2019-11-27
Has someone close to you (or you yourself) been sexually harassed on public transport?Closed 2019-10-24
What would you like to ask GWR in relation to services from December?Closed 2019-09-21
Which of these pictures are REALLY bad??Closed 2019-09-17
Which are the most important factors to YOU when you elect to travel by train?Closed 2019-08-13
Will you be attending the AGM in Taunton on 8th June?Closed 2019-06-08
What will you be doing on Saturday 18th May 2019Closed 2019-05-19
Should this group adopt the interim constitution for the period to the initial AGM?Closed 2019-03-17
How many of these triplets can you identify?Closed 2019-03-03
When arriving at Paddington by train, how do you travel on towards your final destinationClosed 2019-03-03
What (if anything) do you drive?Closed 2019-02-18
Which Stations should be (re)openedClosed 2018-12-21
Which of these lines / areas do YOU travel in more than very occasionallyClosed 2018-10-24
Should HS2 go ahead as planned, be replaced by the Rees-Mogg idea, or something else?Closed 2018-10-10
Which is the most, second most, least reliable for a morning journeyClosed 2018-09-30
Should there be seat reservations on the Cardiff - Portsmouth service?Closed 2018-09-18
Would you wish to attend an advisory meeting in February 2019 / Coffee Shop, the way forwardClosed 2018-10-01
Brexit Bonus - should Network Rail drop EU regulations to cut costs?Closed 2018-09-02
Fare system - ways of buying a ticket. Select all that you supportClosed 2018-08-07
What basket / overall fare scheme philosophy would be your preference?Closed 2018-08-07
Which of these do you believe should be seriously considered for inclusion in a restructured fare system?Closed 2018-08-07
What should we call the line from Paddington via Pewsey to Plymouth?Closed 2018-08-03
Where should Cross Country stop?Closed 2018-07-16
What should be running From Ryde to Shanklin in 5 years time?Closed 2018-06-26
Would you like to see an easement such as this one in general UK use?Closed 2018-03-23
Should we make changes to our moderation / admin techniques?Closed 2018-03-20
Do you know what a siding is?Closed 2018-03-17
Who do you think is responsible for the current wave of disruptionClosed 2018-01-07
What do YOU want to discuss with regard to the next GW franchise?Closed 2018-01-06
Would you like to join us to discuss GWRFranchise and Community Rail Consultations?Closed 2017-12-04
Would you take the next train or wait for one specific routing?Closed 2017-12-05
What do you call mealtime if you eat soon after 7 p.m.Closed 2017-10-02
Should Mr Grant have been allowed to travel without buying another ticket?Closed 2020-07-06
Should you give up your seat to a breastfeeding mother?Closed 2017-07-26
Taxi - is it right to get in and out on the right not the leftClosed 2017-07-17
Are service gaps in the middle of the day a good idea?Closed 2017-06-30
Should the Greater South West be co-ordinating en blok?Closed 2017-05-02
Should I set up a multiple choice pictorial rail quiz?Closed 2017-04-20
Are you or have you considered standing for election as a local councillor?Closed 2017-03-04
What do you think the line pairs should be called?Closed 2017-01-17

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