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*16th Jan 2021Ireland: South East On Track 6
e the European Union, the Irish port of Rosslare hopes Brexit will be good for it as inc
*14th Dec 2020Route diagrams, lost text - advent quiz, 13th December 20204
l tunnel C: Waterford D: Enniscorthy E: Rosslare Europort F: Wexford. . 10. North Cent
*30th Jul 2020Rosslare to Waterford to finally close10
mic corridor.. . In recent days a new Rosslare Europort website has been launched. Ple
*3rd Nov 2019Fishguard services - update (November 2019)1
rom Paddington to connect with boats to Rosslare (in Ireland). There had been no local s
*27th Aug 2019Demand for Rail Revival into County Donegal4
y. . . . The line from Waterford to Rosslare Mothballed updated news at http:/
*10th Jun 2019Closure of Rosslare – Gorey mooted:Public consultation on Rail Review in Ireland5
n corridor route too. The section from Rosslare to Waterford is mothballed and I don
*23rd Apr 2019TurboStar (class 170 to 172) - hybrid conversion1
s, _ and and it panics and looks for Rosslare. On my list for improvement.
*28th Oct 2018Auction of Railwayana, 17.11.18, Pershore and 16.3.20191
*12th Aug 2018New Irish Rail timetable6
connection out of the 18.10 sailing ex Rosslare (arrives Fishguard Harbour 21.25). . .
*10th Aug 2018€4.99 Rosslare Europort - Dublin fares1
fares (adult single) are available from Rosslare Europort to Central Dublin stations (Pe
*1st Jul 2018Two dozen days, 24 locations to identify6
. FYI For travels from Rosslare on the morning ferry I have stayed in
*17th Jun 2018Shortage of train crews on Great Western Railway since September 2017 - ongoing discussion2
ngularly fails to do.. . Last Sunday, Rosslare to Melksham (Fishguard Harbour on rail)
*9th Jun 2018Where was bignosemac today, 9th June 2018?2
. That d be the old alignment into Rosslare Harbour. Seen from near the new alignme
*10th Dec 2017Cancellation and amendment map1
e a direct service from Plymouth toward Rosslare via Bude.
*30th Sep 2017Cancellation - 15 minute change for drivers, 6 hour change for foot passengers2
and Fishguard to Ireland ferries go to Rosslare (Stena from Fishguard and Irish Ferries
*13th Aug 2017Iarnród Éireann to refurbish 28 carriages after six years out of service1
ote: The 2700 class worked, inter alia, Rosslare Wellingtonbridge Waterford (until t
*21st May 2017Better rail connections at Rosslare3
ct with the boats. There are trains to Rosslare Europort ... and to my untutored eye th
*4th Jan 2017The impact of population change and demography on future infrastructure demand1
f 500 people each run from Fishguard to Rosslare, and 1000 passengers are carried. Per
*2nd Jan 2017Split season tickets at Didcot and the the new Conditions of Travel1
remember that Irish Mist the boat from Rosslare because they caught the train that didn
*9th Dec 2016Advent Quiz ...1
the boat train on my arrival from Rosslare. This particular model of station buil
*6th Jun 2016Rosslare onward evening rail connection for Summer1 rosslare_070616 030916.pdf .. . Through ticket
*7th Dec 2015Slowing of Rosslare-Dublin trains5
ting operators on a route, ferries from Rosslare to Wales run 4 a day, which does NOT me
*21st Aug 2015SailRail via Fishguard-Rosslare Summer offer to Rosslare-Dublin line stations11
now buy your Irish Rail travel between Rosslare and Dublin with SailRail Advance! Just
*24th Apr 2015Six of the best1
pid Transit) to the main line train for Rosslare Europort on my way back via Fishguard .
*18th Apr 2015Booking SailRail - or rather TRYING to book SailRail2
he counter at Chippenham; returning via Rosslare with thanks for advise on how to book t
*19th Feb 2015Landslip between Fishguard and Goodwick and Clarbeston Road4
Nordica has deputised on the Fishguard Rosslare link on at least two occasions, the mos
*30th Aug 2014Enniscorthy-Wexford-Rosslare Strand-Rosslare Europort at risk of closure6
tion to those of us taking the train to Rosslare there are a cohort who park sail or
*22nd Aug 2014Industrial action - Iarnr^d ^ireann (Irish Rail)1
ail passengers travelling via Fishguard Rosslare the following points may be of note:.
*10th Aug 2014Odd one out?1
Line isn t it, unless the Fishguard and Rosslare railways and harbours company is actual
*11th Jul 2014Proof of car, plane or ferry use required to buy RAILcard?1
I have travelled by Stena Line Rosslare Fishguard and vv several times in recen
*2nd Jun 2014Rosslare improved rail connectivity (Paddington-South Wales-Ireland corridor)3
ns along the line as the train departed Rosslare Europort at 19.15hrs and ran an hour an
*16th Feb 2014Cancellation map - what it's showing2
iously erroneous location somewhere off Rosslare, and are fixed when I notice the proble
*14th Sep 2013Dorchester has moved1
moved Dorchester from the Irish sea off Rosslare to the Dorset countryside inland from W
*22nd Jun 2013Puzzle with English, Irish and Welsh elements5
rford. .... . . Alas, the line from Rosslare to Waterford has been closed, as has th
*16th Feb 2012Open Jaw to and from Ireland?1
the evening boats from either Dublin or Rosslare :
*9th Jan 2012Fares overhaul urged as Wales' most expensive stretch of rail track revealed1
x fast ferry crossing from Fishguard to Rosslare. However, the cost of the fuel for the
*30th Nov 2011Loadings on lunchtime Fishguard "boat train", week before Christmas...?2
way to the harbour to get the ferry to Rosslare.
*20th Oct 2011Okehampton-Tavistock. Discussion on reopening and potential use as a diversionary route2
ne is closed, as is that incarnation of Rosslare Europort station. The rolling stock has
*4th Jun 2011Should obese people be charged for two seats?1
or a year ago, you could have gone from Rosslare to Kilkenny by train, changing at Water
*16th Apr 2011Stagecoach megabus south wales expansion1
. Pembroke Dock Ferry Terminal 01:00. Rosslare Europort 06:46. . From Tuesday 24th M
*29th Mar 2011Expenditure of transport, by government, per capita, by region1
assenger sailings between Fishguard Rosslare until 7th April fgw firstgreatwestern
*13th Feb 2011Nailsea to Dublin by train and boat3
y and then ferry back across to Cork or Rosslare. Take plenty of strong brown paper bags
*17th Aug 2010Most suitable rolling stock?1
y isn t justified without trains at the Rosslare end actually connecting with the ferrie
*19th Aug 2009Iarnr^d ^ireann. Planning a trip to the Emerald Isle.2
tance IE routes (but not Dublin Wexford Rosslare, which is standard class only) these da

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